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    To RIM senior management, particularly Mr. Lazaridis:

    Did you just cut the wrong IT guy? Can't you just plan the "core switch" better, given that any failure to the network is so fatal to your business reputation?

    Please pick up the book "How the Mighty Fall" by Jim Collins. In that book it listed out 5 stages of decline:

    Stage 1: Hubris Born of Success

    Stage 2: Undisciplined Pursuit of More

    Stage 3: Denial of Risk and Peril

    Stage 4: Grasping for Salvation

    Stage 5: Capitulation to Irrelevance or Death

    Let's try to match these stages with RIM's recent events -

    Stage 1: Listen to conference calls during 2008 and Mike's opinions on the iphone. Hubris at his best.

    Stage 2: Playbook, while losing sight of their bread and butter phones.

    Stage 3: Again, listen to RIM conference calls in 2010. You are in denial of your own failure.

    Stage 4: QNX, android apps support, BB7, price cuts, layoffs

    Stage 5: RIM is not completely here yet, but declining market share took half the stage.

    My suggestion? Put down your ego and forget the hubris. Start learning again. Challenge your own ideas. Calling Steve Jobs "an innovator and a respected competitor" might be your first step of self-realization. Who knows, maybe you guys can pull off a turnaround just like what Steve Jobs did.
    10-13-11 12:14 AM
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    Check out my post in a different thread:
    10-13-11 02:01 AM
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    E-mail RIM. Likely they don't read these forums all too much. Or fax them. Any ideas I have, I usually fax it through.

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    10-13-11 02:52 AM
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    Just emailed

    It's good to be connected on BBM again. It feels like I can't breath for the past few days.
    10-13-11 10:22 PM