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    I wanted to give an objective view on the whole RIM handset numbers being in decline in the U.S.

    Coming from a Galaxy S owner - I think in all fairness to RIM comparing numbers of handsets running Google's OS is stacking the deck sort of speak. The real comparison should be manufacturer against manufacturer (ie: RIM vs SAMSUNG or RIM vs APPLE), not a handset manufacturer vs. an operating system.

    Also besides the fact that RIM hadn't brought out a new handset in nearly a year what's also killing them is how all the U.S. carriers no longer offer, whereas carriers in Asia and Europe do, cheaper version of data plans (e.g. social networking only) even though BB's take way less bandwidth than Android and iPhones.

    Also after playing with a Playbook for the first time the one thing I can say without a doubt that a fish stinks from the head down. RIM's problem isn't lack of innovation (the Playbook was really cool), its their God awful executive management that belong in a three-ring circus - they're a bunch of clowns that simple need to go.
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