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    Long been talk that RIM probably going to be a blessed memory. Haynes is not transmitting it to the outside and shows everyone BlackBerry working as usual. The question is whether, despite the bad situation of the company, all the latest news The company stands to end up? APPLE I remember that was in agony even worse than RIM and today She leads the industry in terms of sales and stock price. Is RIM can come back from the grave? I would be very sad if the company disappearsUndo edits
    06-02-12 02:35 PM
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    Please look at the other dozens of threads with the same subject. Thanks and have a good one.
    06-02-12 02:40 PM
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    If BB10 turns out to be earth shattering like the medicine Apple had when Jobs took it over, it might be the new Apple. Odds are that is not realistic and either BB10 will be an ok option and RIM might limp along but if it doesn't hit at least a double, or even a triple, RIM might be gone. In the film business, Eastman Kodak was the leader and father of film - where are they now? Bankrupt and bleeding cash with no hope of recovery. Towards the end, they were trying to sell patents and met with bankers to raise cash. Sound familiar?
    06-02-12 02:40 PM
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    RIM might die not but i sure hope these threads die...

    Please add to other threads about the same topic
    06-02-12 02:42 PM