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    Ok so I might be on the wrong forum part or just missing the point but something came up today that I wanted to share with the crackberry nation. I have had the pearl,curve 8330, storm 1 and then tour 9630. Then I decided to give Android a chance with the incredible and then the X. I work for a car dealership and carry two phones. An iphone and now replaced my X with the new 9930. Believe or not I was gonna get the bionic and then thought that wow I did really love my blackberry when I had one. So why not giving the Bold a chance. I'm actually impressed. What my true topic is that today our microsoft exchange service was restored and I could not add it to my bb 9930. If anyone knows the fix, please help. I called my IT director and he came by. He said you can't do that because we don't pay for blackberrys. My jaw dropped. He said we only support iphones and android because its free. He said don't worry RIM will be dead in about 2 years. This really shocked me. I love my iphone don't get me wrong but there is something about blackberry that just can't go to me and that I can't put my finger on. Yes the phones are not "hip" but they just work and are unbeatable email wise. Going back to bb. I just can't tell you what a pleasure. They are solid phones. I am just wondering what do people think about RIM years to be over? The only problem I see and this is because of iphone and android is the app part. Android and iphone are great but nothing but app launchers. They don't do anything else really. They don't excel at being a phone or email unless you use their native push email services. What if we back up to 2007 and RIM was announcing the bb as the phone to get??? I will tell you this. I dropped my bb 9630 and got incredible one, x and then iphone and finally got 9930 on my other line. First thing I checked was app world and all I see is berryweather and quicklaunch which were number one apps when I had the 9630. Really?!? Aren't there any developpers out there that can make decent bb apps besides outdated busnessy ones??? I truly believe that if RIM had great apps and some really innovative features, more people would be sold! So why aren't they looking at the big pictures??? Let's put it that way. We live in an era where app seems to make the phone desirable or not, so why not keep up with it! Being a huge apple fan I can still say that I love bbs because of their outstanding devices for communicating. I don't want them to fail because of competition. What do you all think about that???

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    09-22-11 11:53 PM
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    Hi Willben,

    I am going to leave the predictions of RIM's prognosis to other people, but I will answer your question about your work emails.

    Android and iPhone support Exchange Active Sync from Microsoft, but BlackBerry does not. Your company does not have BES. Since they do not have BES, and BlackBerry does not support Exchange Active Sync, you are unable to get your work emails on your device.
    09-23-11 12:03 AM
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    A lot of the reason why developers aren't excited about the OS 7 devices This is due to QNX being right around the corner. Appworld has never really been all that great anyway, but maybe one day they will get developers to be excited about a RIM product. They honestly need it as if QNX fails to appease the masses then your boss may just be correct. I honestly feel it is QNX or nothing. OS7 phones IMHO are nothing more than a stop gap. Hopefully that stop gap isn't long for their future in QNX.

    Till then they will continue to lose marketshare and have a lot of heat from the media and whatnot. We have the iPhone5 coming soon, which will be beastly and Android just keeps rolling along.

    Go big or go home.

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    09-23-11 12:08 AM
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    RIM being gone in two years is a pretty popular opinion.

    Part of the reason is, that people like your boss wisened up to RIM security hustle, and realized that BES isn't worth paying for, since Exchange offers adequate security, and he no longer has to suffer from sleepless nights. tossing and turning and imagining what might happen, if a competing car dealership managed to hack your emails
    09-23-11 01:57 AM
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    Nobody knows whether or not RIM will be around for years to come. We can make assumptions based on speculation and perceived facts that we think we know, but in the end, unless we have a time machine, we will not know what the state of Research In Motion will be.
    09-23-11 02:03 AM