1. KAM1138's Avatar
    Hello Everyone,

    A few weeks ago, there were a number of discussions about RIM Marketing, and the perceived or real problems. I thought that was a major issue, and still do.

    However, listening to this Conference call, I'm starting to say "What the is going on" across the board.

    RIM is looking to be WAY back on their heels here, and they are NOT inspiring confidence at all.

    I know there is a LOT that goes into what they are doing, but man, it LOOKS like they're fumbling around like a bunch of Amateurs.

    I think that's really unfortunate, and it is making me doubt their future (having formerly been very confident about the PRODUCT).

    I also have to say that I'm seeing the same sort of dread I did with WebOS...waiting and waiting and waiting...and then a sudden and total collapse. That SUCKED, and I'm starting to fear this could repeat itself with RIM.

    This is really depressing.
    06-29-12 09:21 AM
  2. anthogag's Avatar
    IMO, RIM's attempt at hitting a home run with BB10 is backfiring. They have to launch a new phone this year...not 2013

    They have the dev alpha and pb 2.1. The phone would feel like a mini computer...a game changer.

    RIM should call it the BlackBerry Alpha and continue with the upgrades...together with the playbook

    They definitely screwed-up with moving the date to 2013. But I'm still sticking with BlackBerry because my phone is excellent at doing what I need
    06-29-12 10:51 AM
  3. Blacklatino's Avatar
    Well, most of us that have been around for awhile are still confident in the product, BlackBerry. It's the perceived amateur hour with RIM that is what keeps on driving the questions and the double-backhanded backlash RIM will receive from the media as they try to hang on and not give in to pressure. Missed deadlines for whatever reason for devices that were hyped prior to the launch of the "dead-in-the-water-and-you're-stupid-if-you-buy-it" OS 7 devices.....is not a good sign. At this point, it's more of the same and perceived some parts of "business as usual".
    06-29-12 11:02 AM