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    From Toronto's Globe and Mail:

    "HTML5 ... could be the single most important catalyst in the erosion of Apple's dominance. Right now, developers normally build different versions of their apps for iOS and Android (and to a lesser extent, Windows Phone and BlackBerry operating systems). Each app plays by different rules. But HTML5 is largely platform-agnostic, meaning a single HTML5 app can run on just about any smartphone or tablet using that device's Web browser.

    This has two significant implications for the software industry. The first is that Apple will have much less say in how those apps are allowed to behave, because the apps will no longer live inside an Apple-controlled walled garden. Second, devices will no longer be measured by how many apps they have, since HTML5 apps essentially exist on every device. That second implication even though it probably won't happen for years, given Apple's and Google's lead in the app race would allow RIM to stop competing on app quantity, where it lags far behind. Instead, the company could go back to pushing the qualities of its hardware, such as battery life, keyboards and security areas where it still leads the market. If it levels the playing field on software, RIM can go back to competing on hardware."
    05-11-12 03:38 PM
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    java - write once, use everywhere
    05-11-12 04:22 PM
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    05-11-12 05:56 PM