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    12-14-10 10:39 AM
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    Asymco's analysis was based on the idea that ITG's research was correct(at the time it was being billed as a "leak", they've told him that it's not a leak but their own "checks"). Since Verizon stopped releasing individual device sale numbers in very early 2009, no one knows if this methodology is sound.

    Also, the ITG research has been posted several times before.
    12-14-10 11:04 AM
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    They aren't going away anytime soon but have lost sales to other devices mostly for the consumer market where people for the last couple of years at least have started to want a different set of features than the few the BB excels at (starting at better web browsing and going from there)...

    BB will always have their die hard customer base, but they're losing the fence sitters and the internet junkies who want real web browsing on a mobile device. Them taking forever to come out with the webkit browser definitely hasn't helped them with that set of consumers.
    12-14-10 11:13 AM
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    Here is the entire article.

    It looks more like a VZW issue than anything else, if the combined total of all smartphones sold by VZW were less than just sales of the iPhone on AT&T.
    12-14-10 11:27 AM
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    Is RIM falling????
    They made more money and sold more devices this year than last.
    Yeah, they're on a downward spiral
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    12-14-10 08:26 PM
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    12-14-10 08:31 PM
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    RIM isn't failing at all. Lol

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    12-14-10 11:38 PM