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    Yet another article that includes RIM in the top 10 companies to disappear in 2013. This has been floating the media since early 2009. Personally, RIM has to impress me with BBOS 10 for me to stay with them. I hate saying it, but I'm frustrated with RIM and at times I just want to jump on the iPhone bandwagon, but I refuse to own a toy. I'm sure many can agree with me. Oh well, guess I'll just wait and see what Blackberry 10's gonna do for us.

    Heres the article: 10 Brands That Will Disappear in 2013 - Yahoo! Finance
    06-23-12 11:24 AM
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    06-23-12 11:27 AM
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    Damn it... I searched before and didnt find anything so I thought I'd post it. Sorry for reposting.
    06-23-12 11:29 AM
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    Damn it... I searched before and didnt find anything so I thought I'd post it. Sorry for reposting.
    No need to apologize!

    It's an interesting discussion that begs for input.
    06-23-12 11:33 AM
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    People still read Yahoo?
    06-23-12 11:41 AM
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    Where is Yahoo in the list?

    People can cook up many things and thinks. :P

    Let's pray all these pessimists journos get a decent BIS service in !
    06-23-12 11:49 AM
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    I find it funny how everyone calls the iPhone a toy yet BB10 will come with thousands of new apps itself.
    Wouldn't that make it a toy as well? Hm.

    But I honestly don't think RIM will be going anywhere. People don't realize that while RIM may not be that "popular" in the US anymore, its still really popular in many other countries and parts of the world.

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    06-23-12 11:53 AM
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    Let's see, they might be right 50% of the time. They aren't accredited in any way. Yet RIM will disappear in 2013?

    What makes a company disappear? They usually have debt, dwindling customers and nothing new to offer. RIM needs to borrow billions first, lose all of their contract customers and stop what they are doing. It is not likely that they will even borrow funds in 2013, the contracts will go on for 2-years based upon the meager handsets they'll sell in 2012 (let's say 35,000,000) and Enterprise has to start dropping in growth which was UP in their last reported quarter, by 12%. How on earth do you stop making money under those circumstances?

    They can fire just about everyone, keep their high margin Enterprise, sell the OS, license the hard keyboard (many consumers would kill to get that keyboard), sell patents, launch the software services side of the business and refine their phone. It will take several years to kill them.

    In five years Apple will fall to the lower tier of the market as they too will have to go through a product and iOS refresh like RIM. Apple is catching up to the market now, larger screen, 4G and old iOS.

    As many have pointed out on this board, RIM just has to sell 35,000,000 handsets every year and protect the public from viruses and secure their data to live in this market space. Even if revenues decline so do costs, they just have to balance the two and innovate the next greatest product.
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    06-23-12 11:55 AM
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    RIM has nothing to lose now except it's existance.
    HTC is also in my personal list. It will vanish in some years.
    Lol i see Suzuki in the list, well India will keep it healthy forever.
    06-23-12 02:41 PM