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    I have just entered the blackberry world. yes, yes, thank you.
    Here is my problem.
    I own a tour and i am on the verizon network. On my laptop I use rhapsody and I have a "rhapsody to go subscription". Just so everyone understands rhapsody is a service that you pay a monthly fee ($16) and you are able to download any song to your computer and you are able to stream any song that you want to hear at that second. you essentially dont own the music (although you can purchase music) the music is basically streamed and you get instant gratification.
    I also own an "ibiza" which is a device that allows you to use a wireless internet signal and the rhapsody software to download music to your device or stream music "on the go". So essentially you can download as much music that will fit into your device as you want or just connect wirelessy and stream the music you choose to listen to at that moment.
    This is why verizon sucks:
    in order to do the same exact thing that i do with my rhapsody and my ibiza mp3 player i would have to download the vcast with rhapsody app to my bb and pay an extra $15 dollars a month. What the F?...
    Verizon is trying to screw me over:
    So first off i understand i can still connect my bb to my laptop and drag and drop music to my sd card and listen to it on the go. but here is the thing: the whole beauty of the service and why I pay the "on the go fee" (which is an extra $3 more than the regular rhapsody fee) is because if you are around a wireless signal you can sign into rhapsody and just download music wherever you are or stream any content wherever you are, including the many radio stations that rhapsody has.
    The problem is that I already have unlimited data and I pay for the ability to have a wireless signal wherever i am with my Verizon BB service. So basically Verizon wants to charge me $15 dollars a month so i can use the rhapsody software on my phone. which would be great if i didnt already have the service on my laptop.
    Whenever I call Verizon to see if there is a way for me to just dl the app and sign in with my existing rhapsody account they tell me it doesnt matter if i already pay for the service i will still have to pay $15 dollars to use it on my phone.
    Am i missing something here or is that a little ridiculous?
    10-14-09 11:13 AM
  2. xrjinga's Avatar
    That was the same story I got recently. absurd.....
    10-14-09 11:37 AM