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    OTTAWA BlackBerry 10 changes the way people have traditionally interacted with cellular phones.

    There is no home button. Applications keep running in the background, even when minimized. Gestures control almost every function. And the addition of BlackBerry Balance turns the device into a dual-functioning machine that IT departments everywhere will have no qualms about deploying to their workforces.

    The interactions are so different, in fact, users who have become accustomed to the in and out approach from Apple Inc.s iPhone or Google Inc.s Android may feel alienated.

    Especially for long-term iPhone users, operating the Z10 that is the first BlackBerry 10 model can feel unnatural and even frustrating. Spending a few days with the device, which wont be an option for the casual shopper at an electronics store, is the only way to fully appreciate the nuances of the new operating system....

    REVIEWED: BlackBerry 10 a whole new cellphone experience
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    02-02-13 09:03 PM
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    100% new. 100% better
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    02-02-13 09:06 PM
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    "With solid hardware and revolutionary software, the new BlackBerry stands head and shoulders above competitors as the most advanced cellphone on the market."

    this is what i posted on my Facebook page along with a link to the article.

    spread the word!
    02-02-13 09:54 PM

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