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    Many people search for a review so here's my points....

    I'll start at the end - I would buy the 520 or the 510 again. Both fit comfortably. Though the 520 feels lighter, almost loose, it stays in well. The range on both seem to hit 15 - 20 feet which seems decent.

    Love the 510, though a little big. Excellent good incoming sound, as good as anything I have ever heard, even better that using the handset. The ear piece fits inside the ear and gives excellent sound quality. Person on other end said the sound was good, but it seems to cut in/out a little as I speak; I think it was 'cause THEY were on speakerphone.

    The 520 sounds a little more tinny/treble, probably because it doesn't sit inside the ear as deeply. But, others listening to me says sounds it better .

    In my opinion, I am more concerned about how others hear me, so the 520 wins.

    Both seem very good value ( the 520 was 44.00 on amazon w/free shipping. I doubt you would have problems with either. Others also seem to thing the 510 is one of the best sounding, but maybe the 520 noise canceling is better - I haven't tried it out outside much.

    So for me it's the 510 in the house, and the 520 outside, where it carries easier (read - smaller).

    I'll follow this thread if you have any questions - I don't check my PM much
    09-13-08 08:27 PM