1. kb1176's Avatar
    waited online for 2 hours in the cold for the storm, had issues returned it. Does anyone or did anyone else have these issues?

    Day one
    1) screen turned black and white fuzz in the middle of an email
    2) while going through ringtones, whole unit did a restart

    Less than 24 hours after I bought it...

    3) finally, spent all day yesterday on the phone with tech support, 2 trips to the Verizon store, they agreed the unit was defective. The touch screen lasted less than 24 hours, maybe a software issue which they checked was the latest version. The screen would work for 10 minutes or so after you took the battery out, then you could not click on other options, scroll or do anything. The buttons on the bottom did work though.

    Reactivated 3 times, could get to dialing *228 send, then couldn't get the keyboard to even press 1 to activate.

    Very frustrated, now I have to wait until 12/15 or so for a replacement.

    Back to my 8830.

    If anyone else has issues, would be interested to hear it.
    11-23-08 11:26 AM
  2. Aesop's Avatar
    Damn that sucks..... I've heard of people having issues with the screen and having to do battery pulls because of it freezing, haven't seen anything about the white fuzz or random restarts. Sorry to hear you had a bad start with this phone. I'm still waiting for mine... its allegedly shipping 11/25
    11-23-08 11:31 AM