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    Is there a way to re-sync IMAP email back to my phone on BIS?

    My IMAP email stopped working earlier today. After checking my BIS settings and double checking them I re-sent myself the service books. Waiting patiently for 30 minutes and still nothing. Called my carrier who sent me an SMS update and again sent me the service books and still no new email.

    I called my carrier again and they deleted the email account and re-set it up for me on BIS. It's all working as it should again, I can send and receive and alll is working properly. However since the account was re-added I lost the previous emails that were on the device under that account.

    The mails are all still on the server, and also synced with Outlook but how to I get my Blackberry to re-align the mail box with what's on the server rather than just what's happened since the account was re-created?
    07-22-09 07:05 PM