1. 17chrisw's Avatar
    Although the 8200 was not a very good phone, the keypad is unmatched for anyone with slightly large fingers. I have tried the new Pearl 9100 but unfortunately cannot type with my pinkies. Is there any chance we will see this suretype keypad in a new phone?
    03-29-11 11:23 PM
  2. sabisgeek's Avatar
    Ummm...probably not. RIM is always looking for new ideas. If you want a large keypad, you should go for the Bold 9000.
    03-31-11 07:02 AM
  3. Tiassa's Avatar
    I"d love to see a pearl "mini-slider" something like the LG GU295 Cell Phone - Wireless from AT&T or the Samsung a777 Cell Phone - Wireless from AT&T but with the Pearl keyboard, but i don't think RIM sees the need for a smaller form factor phone.
    04-03-11 01:45 PM