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    I purchased my Curve 8520 on 05/23/2010 and it has been a great phone.
    However, a few months ago, my 8520 was finally cursed with the infamous white screen of death, so I put it back in the original box for later repair.
    Well, being a creature of habit, and not wanting to buy a new phone, and after a little research, I realized how easy these phones are to repair. So I decided to restore my 8520 myself...
    I am replacing the screen, touch pad, and decided to give it a new look by replacing the original black case with a brand new complete OEM white case. Also buying an Otter Box to add a little more protection.
    Since I am doing all of this, I would like to format the phone and install the latest OS. Any ideas?
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    01-26-13 12:17 PM

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