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    This is related to how BlackBerry names the camera pictures taken with the phone (and my obsessive desire to have my camera images in chronological order).

    I just updated my BlackBerry OS last night. This morning I had to take some pictures, but couldn't find them; at least not where I expected them to be.

    This is because after an update, the picture numbers are reset to zero, making my next picture IMG00001. So instead of finding my new pictures right after IMG00144-20100228-1117 (taken yesterday), I found them in between IMG0001-20091122-1219, etc.

    I have a couple of questions and requests (directed at RIM).

    Is there a way to prevent the upgrade from resetting my image numbers to the stone age? If not, is there a way to get my BlackBerry to advance to IMG00145 without taking (and deleting) 145 pointless pictures?

    My request is to be given a choice for the file naming scheme. I would choose to have the images named by date first, so they would always be in order. I'd like to see 20100301-1245-IMGxx rather than the way they're named now. Why not have the most common identifier at the beginning (year, month, day, time) and the most unique identifier (IMGxx) at the end? Unless you can take more than 99 images in one minute, there's no need for the unique identifier to be longer than two digits. You could always add a suffix to signify image size and or quality. (Handy for people who forget at which setting they're shooting.)

    It would also be nice to be able to sort folders individually. I would like to sort the BlackBerry camera image folder by most recent. But for other folders (of non-camera images) I'd like to sort by name. Ascending/descending order would be great too!

    I hope I'm not alone in wanting this ability on my BlackBerry.

    Climbing down from my soapbox now (before I get started on my wishlist of camera features)....

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    03-01-10 01:51 PM
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    You are SO not alone.

    This is driving me nuts. Torch has the same problem. I can't believe that I can't sort pictures alphabetically or numerically, or better yet "Move" them like icons on the home screen. Anyone found a way to do this, to sort or order within a folder or folders by any method besides by date? Thank you in advance.
    07-24-11 09:21 AM
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    Picture management needs SO much improvement

    Geotagging is nice for grouping my images because of my travels, but it would be so nice to have naming conventions and folder rules.

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    07-24-11 10:22 AM