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    i'm new to all this bb stuff...so far it's been a love/hate relationship. and at the momment i'm very frustrated! i need access to my phone!!!
    i bought a bb curve a couple days ago. i went to setup the email so i plugged in the USB cord into my computer and in my bb into the other end. a screen popped up from from my desktop/computer asking for a password...well i kept adding passwords (thinking it had to be "my" password) only to discover after the 10th try it has frozen my blackberry. It now has a ERROR CODE 513 on the screen. it won't let me do anything. i believe when it kept asking for a password it was for my husbands bb which at one time was on my desktop/computer. please any suggestion would be appreciated. FYI...i did take out the battery to see if that made a difference. no such luck.
    10-15-08 12:41 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.

    I am sorry to hear you are experiencing so much frustration, but we can get you working again in no time.

    Security is critical to commercial and government users, the engineers at BlackBerry have paid a lot of attention to making it reliable.

    Desktop Manager is able to handle multiple devices, the PIN numbers insure that data and settings are separated for each device.

    If a password has been entered, you have 10 chances to get it right. If no password in present, you are still prompted but you leave the field blank.

    At this point, your device has been shutdown. In order to rebuild it now, you will need to follow the directions in this thread. It will force a fresh new build on the device. Unfortunatly, any data, settings or installed third party programs has been lost.

    10-15-08 12:53 PM
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    please help me reset my new bb curve. i was trying to setup the email and when i plugged it into my computer it kept asking for a password...i kept adding one....after the 10th time it now has an error code 513 on the screen and i can't use my phone. at one point my husband had his bb on my computer...so i think it was connected to his desktop mgr. how can i reset my bb? i did remove my battery...didn't do anything. please help!
    10-15-08 12:53 PM
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    Follow Reed's above advice, and try to only start one new thread per topic. Welcome to CB.

    10-15-08 12:59 PM
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    I believe Reed has posted on your other thread so go check that out and it makes it all a little easier if you don't double post
    10-15-08 01:01 PM
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    tried...did not work
    10-15-08 01:17 PM
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    I have merged your thread to keep everything in one place, that will help insure you get timely and accurate information.

    The next step is to verify the supporting software is correctly installed.

    Use Windows / Control Panel / Programs to verify you have two BlackBerry packages installed. One is the Desktop Manager, the second is a copy of your carriers device software. The model numbers are critical, it has to be an exact match for your Curve.

    If the device OS is not an exact match, a different sub version, there is one more preparation step.

    Open Windows / Computer. Select the drive C:\ icon and navigate to:

    C:\program files\common files\research in motion\apploader. Scroll to the bottom and delete the file vendor.xml. That will override the normal selection routine and allow you to continue.

    If both are present, the manual command line with the /NOJVM switch will force a fresh build.

    I belive we can rule out an USB port problem, you were able to connect to Desktop Manager prior to the shutdown.
    10-15-08 01:37 PM
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    How to use the application loader tool to install BlackBerry Device Software



    To use the application loader tool to install BlackBerry Device Software, complete the following steps:

    Install the BlackBerry Device Software on your computer.
    Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
    Connect the BlackBerry smartphone to the computer.
    If prompted, type your BlackBerry smartphone password and then click OK.
    Complete one of the following steps:
    If the Application Updates Available window appears, click Update Now. The Application Loader Wizard appears.
    If the Application Updates Available window does not appear, double-click the Application Loader icon. The Application Loader Wizard appears.
    Click Next.
    If prompted, type your BlackBerry smartphone password and click Next.
    Note: When the Application Loader Wizard is finished examining the configuration on the BlackBerry smartphone, the Device Application Selection screen appears listing the applications available for installation. The selected check boxes indicate applications that are already installed on the BlackBerry smartphone.

    Select the check box for the BlackBerry Device Software.
    Click Next.
    If the On the Device Backup screen appears, choose whether to automatically back up the BlackBerry smartphone and then click Next.
    Click Finish to begin loading the BlackBerry Device Software.
    Click Close when the software is finished loading.
    These are the BlackBerry Technical Supports instructions for reloading the OS.

    The password is still needed to recover the device.
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    10-15-08 01:37 PM