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    PCWorld reported that Research In Motion Limited (RIMM) is cutting the price for its new BlackBerry Torch, lowering the new handset's price to $99 from $199.

    This is not a good sign for the telecommunications company, as it indicates that the latest iteration of its CrackBerry device is already lagging behind its competitors mere weeks into its existence. Complaints abound about the Torch, which some say was basically just like older versions and will not be enough to pull other smartphone users from their devices.

    As the article notes, this is not a good development for RIM, as it only holds a 3.4% share of the mobile market from April to June of this year. The market is shrinking for RIM and the Torch has not helped.

    Yet this move compares to the same move made by Apple (AAPL) and Walmart (WMT) months ago. Remember, the retailer and the computer giant cut the price of the iPhone 3GS from $199 to $99, sparking a run on the mobile devices. Perhaps RIM's move will follow this pattern, but the underwhelming reviews on the Torch hint that this may not be the case.

    Technically, the stock is nearing its March 2009 lows in the mid $30 region. RIMM finished Monday's trading session in the $50 region, so there is room for the stock to fall and there is potential support in place at the round-number $50 level. The problem presented to the bulls is that this news pushed the stock lower following Tuesday's opening bell. If the bad news continues for RIMM, watch for the stock to challenge those early-2009 lows.

    Bottom line: The company is going to have to come up with some sort of new innovations in their handsets in order to make up market share and keep up with its competitors.
    08-17-10 01:21 PM
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    RIM IS NOT LOWERING THE PRICE OF THE TORCH. They make the device and sell them to carriers. Its the carriers that deicde at what price to sell them to the public. Thats why you see the CARRIERS AND OTHER STORES sell them for whatever price they want. RIM sold the device to the carrier for x dollars and they are not lowering that dollar amount just becuause some ******* think the device isnt doing well.
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    i wonder why the carriers decided to cut the price.
    08-17-10 01:45 PM
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    i wonder why the carriers decided to cut the price.
    because they always do this to handsets to get you in the door. They could give away handsets and still make profit with the monthly plans.
    08-17-10 01:51 PM
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    That article is not accurate. Do some research. Go to AT&T and RIM's sites. Then read this.
    Stop believing one very inaccurate and misleading reporter.
    Amazon.com price for BlackBerry Torch is no cut - Computerworld
    08-17-10 03:37 PM