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    Hi I am doing a project for college on how smartphones have changed corporate communications and I would like to get some real world responses for those of you who use a Blackberry for work. Some items I would be interested to know are:

    1) How did it change corporate communications?
    - less face to face communications between coworkers/management?
    - less meeting?
    - less phone talk?
    - message clarity from management? as in, did it change from years ago when CEO passes down a message to VP, VP passes down to district/regional manager, then goes down to store mangers then to employees, we all know how messages gets water down and missing parts, how did this change with smart phones when everyone receives the same message?
    - is everyone always "in the know" because of smartphones push email technology?
    - did it increase your productivity?

    2) How did it change with international business?
    - no need to stay in office till 2am for a phone call due to time zone differences?
    - able to communicate at home instead?

    3) How did smartphones affected those who works in the field instead of the office?

    4) What do you like about using a smartphone for work and why?

    If you don't mind responding to me via PM or email (erickcwong at gmail.com) with your name, and title that would be greatly appreciated.

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