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    To make a long story short, I am getting laid off at the end of the month from VZW (was part of a merger with Unicel) and I am trying to wean myself off of MS exchange server onto Gmail and Google calendar. I've downloaded Google sync onto my storm and all seems well when syncing.

    The question I have now is how do I delete my exchange server info off of my storm? The calendar events are still synced up with the exchange server. I would like to eradicate all info from the exchange server and rely solely on Google.

    I've tried searching the forums, but it's kind of a broad topic to pinpoint on a search. Thanks for the help!

    05-05-09 08:35 AM
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    Found this site:


    It tells you how to delete calendar events from the device. From there you just want to make sure you delete the email address from your exchange server, and configure desktop manager to not sync up with that email address. I think everything is all set now.
    05-05-09 09:01 AM