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    First post: So hi all.

    Been a CB user for some time, I feel I'm BB-savvy. Just about anything I can't figure out on my own, a simple search on CB (and Google) usually comes to my aid. But I believe I've finally been stumped.

    Long story short, there's a seemingly random Web Link on my menu which I wish to remove but can't. Highlighting + Menu-button does not produce a "delete" option. It is also NOT in my Applications List. Nor is it in my browser bookmarks.

    The web link is entitled exactly as follows: "Web Link: COMLEX 2 Scores"

    The web link icon is the browser icon with a seemingly smaller browser icon embedded in the bottom-right... (uhh.. think Windows Shortcut Icons and the small arrow embedded on the bottom-right)

    The 'link' takes me directly to
    It's some "National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners, Inc." I have no need for such a link, let alone anything related to that.

    Anyways, yesterday I downloaded a few games from mobilerated and also downloaded ScanLife (which didn't work as promised). I removed all the downloaded games [except for PacMan and DopeWars] and have also removed ScanLife, in the probability that maybe one of these programs added this Web Link on the side. No luck.

    I've search CB and Google using multiple terms and keywords, over and over, for perhaps the last 2 hours [the time I've been awake, as last night I was too tired to deal with it once I spotted it]. Still, no luck with the search results.

    I'm surprised... no way *I* can be the only person experiencing this? Or, mayhaps, the fix is so easy that I've over-thought the solution.

    As you can see from my thread title to the words within, I've used several keyword in hopes that in the future, anyone experiencing this or a similar problem can easily find their answer.

    I'm on BB 8320 v4.5. I don't have the screenshot utility but if necessary I will download it to show a shot of the Web Link.

    Thanks in advance for your anticipated response/s. I just hope once the answer comes in [and surely it will, this is CB afterall], I won't feel foolish for not having thought of it or for it being so simple -- heh. But hey, whatever works, i'll swallow my BB Pride for the fix. =]

    Thanks again,
    09-28-08 12:14 PM
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    It's embedded in the theme you are using and there is no way to delete it. The only thing you can do is push the BB button and select hide icon.

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    09-28-08 02:48 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.

    Nice touch, using the code tag to display the URL correctly.

    There are a number of carrier pushed icons that can not be deleted, but as kvaughan suggested, they can be hidden from view.

    I take one step further. Create a new folder, move them into the folder and then hide the folder. Gone!
    09-28-08 03:23 PM
  4. deus#CB's Avatar
    Thanks thanks.

    Of all things considered, I didn't think it would be my kickass theme at fault [Classy Corners L]. But I suppose that makes sense.

    I guess I'll just hide it as is, now that I have a definitive answer. I just didn't want to hide it before in a "sweep-the-dirt-under-the-carpet" move.

    Anyways, you guys, the CB community, rocks - as always. I usually just have to lurk the forum for my answers from how good, AND TIMELY, you guys reply to other's questions. So much much thanks, kvaughan and Reed McLay.

    As for the use of the code tag... hah, force of habit from my old forum days. I just always thought for quoting and such it looked cool, let alone not many use it. =]

    Now, back to lurking for me -- so my name [albeit spelled Deus] will match my post count! =P

    (I need to venture into the theme-making aspect of being a bb-er... so who knows, you might see me again soon with some goodies!)

    Until then, you all have a great one, peace!


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    09-28-08 06:59 PM