1. drschwartz's Avatar
    I installed system update v4.5.0.175 last night. In my post-install confusion, I created an email account on the phone using my gmail credentials. I now have this account constantly telling me I've got mail AND my native gmail app.

    I can't seem to see how to remove the gmail email account. Any tips would be appreciated!

    10-14-09 09:35 AM
  2. Azothyran's Avatar
    Depending on the device, you should have an Email Setup application somewhere right? If so, click it, highlight your account when it displays a list, and hit the menu key and press delete.

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    10-14-09 10:21 AM
  3. drschwartz's Avatar
    It's a 8330 and I don't see an email setup app. Other thoughts?

    10-15-09 08:43 AM
  4. jlb21's Avatar
    Someone correct me if I am wrong, but shouldn't David be able to log into his account on the Sprint BIS website and remove the email account from there?

    10-15-09 08:46 AM
  5. drschwartz's Avatar
    When I try to create a new account at the site you provided, I was told that I can't do it through html and must do it through my device.
    10-15-09 08:50 AM
  6. PJnc284's Avatar
    you should see an icon with a phone and what looks like a gear over it. If you scroll over it, it says setup wizard. Select that and you should find email setup there.
    10-15-09 09:14 AM
  7. drschwartz's Avatar
    Email Settings...go figure

    Thanks for all your help everyone!

    10-15-09 09:30 AM
  8. lxort's Avatar
    You should have an icon that says "Email Setting" or "Email Setup" somewhere on your homescreen. If not, hit the menu key and select 'Show all' (or something like that, sorry my device is in spanish). Select the Email Setup icon, and then go to the account you want to delete and follow the instructions

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    10-15-09 09:39 AM
  9. Azothyran's Avatar
    lxort, the device is an 83xx, so it doesn't have Email Setup applications integrated into the device like the new devices have. *COUGH upgrade COUGH*

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    10-15-09 12:19 PM
  10. jlb21's Avatar
    cough......ahem........There's a storm brewing......cough....

    10-15-09 01:19 PM
  11. Azothyran's Avatar
    Ooh did someone cough something about the Storm2? I can't wait for that device.

    Anyway, let's not hijack this thread into another s2 discussion xD

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    10-15-09 11:12 PM