1. dx169's Avatar
    I wanted to start making use of the phone password lock feature but I am afraid that if a friend gets a hold of my BB without me noticing will begin to insert completely random numbers just for fun. I am aware that after a certain amount of failures to access the phone, it will begin to wipe the data on it. Is there a way to make use of the password without having the wipe? Let them put invalid passwords all they want and besides, I have buddyguard. If I wanted to wipe my phone, I'd just send an SMS to my number and make it wipe my contacts through there.
    01-12-10 07:14 PM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    No. It's a security feature. There's no way around it if you are using the BlackBerry password.
    01-12-10 07:17 PM
  3. dx169's Avatar
    Is there any good apps out there that does the same? I only see apps that lock folders and all that. I want an app that does what the default BB password does without the wipe. And it'd be nice to have one that schedules what time it starts asking for passwords too, ie. during track practice when it's in my locker.
    01-12-10 07:18 PM
  4. sedalia066's Avatar
    No apps to do the same job. Some people raise the number of tries really high to avoid trouble.

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    01-12-10 07:30 PM
  5. dx169's Avatar
    Highest number you can set is 10. Still seems rather low...
    01-12-10 07:37 PM
  6. Blkbear's Avatar
    Appears your best option is to keep current backups of the things you do not want to lose, and or keep your phone out of the hands of your friends.

    If I remember from posts in the past, it will ask you to enter BlackBerry before you actually get the device to wipe.

    On a side note, I don't have any friends dumb enough to enter random passwords just for fun, but then their ages range is from late teens to mid 70's. SO might be time to do a little upgrading on the playful friend.
    01-12-10 08:04 PM
  7. dx169's Avatar
    Haha well I am a teenager and I hang out with people around my age 15-17. You never know when someone is bored enough they do crazy things, myself included. I suppose I will just rely on my backups. I do back up most of the things I have so I should be fine. Thanks.
    01-12-10 08:23 PM
  8. keepit dry's Avatar
    How would they get a hold of your phone? Most Blackberry addicts don't let their phones out of there line of sight long enough for anyone to put in passwords?
    01-12-10 08:25 PM
  9. dx169's Avatar
    I'm just a nice guy who loves to share. No matter how much I love things!
    01-12-10 08:31 PM
  10. Sajan Parikh's Avatar
    One thing that I absolutely could not live without are my contact list. That is really the only thing that I'm ever afraid of losing. Everything else I can get over.

    Use Google Sync to wirelessly keep your contacts synced with google.
    01-12-10 09:02 PM
  11. hootyhoo's Avatar
    Don't try this unless you really know what you are doing. You can kill your phone.
    Raising Password Limit past 10 tries!

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    01-12-10 09:05 PM
  12. dx169's Avatar
    Thanks hooty I will give that a try later. And I got my stuff backed up on Outlook already.
    01-12-10 10:23 PM
  13. tfp's Avatar
    Do frequent backups of your phone. I usually back mine up two or three times a week. After about 5 incorrect entries, it will ask you to enter BlackBerry before attempting again. So its highly unlikely that someone will 'accidentally' wipe your phone.
    01-12-10 11:17 PM
  14. dx169's Avatar
    Well, I hex editted the file and set the wipe to 255 anyways. Lol. Thanks
    01-13-10 01:00 AM
  15. hootyhoo's Avatar
    Glad it worked for you.

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    01-13-10 08:48 AM
  16. dx169's Avatar
    When I input the wrong password it says (2/10) remaining. I replaced the 10 with 255 but it doesn't show up on the phone. That's normal right?
    01-13-10 04:44 PM
  17. NetworkGuy's Avatar
    Each time you go into Options / Passwords The number resets back to 10.
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    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    01-13-10 04:50 PM
  18. dx169's Avatar
    I understand that, but I never went into the options after I hex editted it.
    01-13-10 04:58 PM
  19. noaim's Avatar
    if you set it to 10 it will ask you to type blackberry before it wipes
    01-13-10 05:09 PM
  20. FF22's Avatar
    You did change the HEX value, correct? I recall doing this when I read that initial thread. But I don't recall the result and have since stopped using Password protection.
    01-13-10 06:31 PM
  21. dx169's Avatar
    Yes, I did set the HEX value to FF. I did test two .ipd one that was set to 10 and 09 and compared the two files and changed it accordingly. For those who has done this, does it show #/whatever number you set it to at the screen?
    01-13-10 06:46 PM
  22. FF22's Avatar
    Unfortunately, I think you will need to do a full backup and then set to FF (255) again, and try 11 or 12 times and see what happens. It might be that display field of "2 of 10" tries is fixed with "10" even if set for 255. If it does not wipe at try 12 or so, you know it worked. If it wipes, then you did something wrong or perhaps, Rim changed something in the OS.
    01-13-10 10:15 PM