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    Ok everyone,
    I also have a Blackberry inwhich the files have saved under the rem. extension instead of the normal 3gp or jpg. file. What you guys will need to do if files are saved on memory card is cut and paste each file on to the device itself then either re-save on to a larger memory or transfer file to email or computer. These files will be saved under "Blackberry" on your memory card. First, goto applications, then files, then file folders, then media card, then "blackberry", then Videos for 3gp. or Pictures for jpg., then select file and "cut" file. Once you have "cut" file back out of "media card" then select "device" then select "home". Once you select "Home" then "user" then select whatever type of file you have i.e. pictures, videos, or music then "paste" file in to folder. This will change format from REM. to the normal extension format. If you have a lot of files be prepared for a long time to transfer. I had 45 files to move and it took an hour. However, im sure it worth the wait if you are read this. Good Luck Everyone.
    03-07-12 07:06 PM
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    03-07-12 09:54 PM