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    I have a 2G SD card in my BB and set the BB to Mass Storage Mode. For the first time, I've had something other than pictures that I would like, but for some reason, my computer is only recognizing .rem files in the Windows Picture Viewer, so when I try to run the .exe for the slacker radio station cache, it won't pull it up because it keeps trying to run it through the picture viewer.

    I've gone to the "open with" menu in Windows, but the box for "always use this program" IS NOT checked. What can I do to disassociate those files from only using the Windows Picture Viewer? I've tried deleting all the files and then redownloading them, and that didn't work, same problem.

    Anybody else have an idea of where I can go to "point" this thing to a different program to open with?
    10-07-09 05:49 PM