View Poll Results: Are you interested in reading release notes/change logs of new Blackberry OSs?

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  • Are you kidding? I've been praying for RIM OS release note for years.

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  • Can't be bothered.

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  • Uuumm.. what's a change log?!

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  1. fadis's Avatar
    In a land far far away legend has it that if you kiss the blarney stone you will get access to the release notes and change logs for all the OSs ever released for all Blackberry devices.

    Not if you search the world wide web though. I searched this forum and dug through Google results with no luck. RIM has release notes for almost all their software, but not the OSs! I'm still sure they're out there though.

    I'm mostly interested in Bold releases but does anyone else find it annoying that you need to read 100s of threads and posts for every release to have a rough idea on what the new changes/features/improvements are (or maybe aren't)?!

    Things really can be as simple as:
    ***Bold OS: v4.6.0.297 (Multilanguage and EastAsia):
    - Bug fixes in memory management.
    - Minor browser enhancements.

    Of course the more detailed and technical the better.

    Why all the secrecy?! If RIM is not willing to share a simple list of release notes (at least the official ones), I'm sure people in the know who always get all the new releases and beta "leaks" are able to access some of these documents.

    If only I had the PIN for all those Crackberry nation bigwigs with a history of over 5000 post and titles such as "CrackBerry Genius of Geniuses", "Forums Moderator" and "Founder, Fearless Leader of CrackBerry Nation". I'm sure one of those people knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who can gain access to those precious release notes and change logs and can "leak" them to the masses! I'm listing their names below. No pressure though:

    Kevin Michaluk, sunkast, amazinglygraceless, Duvi, JRSCCivic98, JeffH, xliderider, Crucial_Xtreme, SevereDeceit, aristile, Garz, naviwilliams, rachel0179, bmcclure937, Reed McLay, lastraid, benzworm, Pete6, jenaywins, yester18, bt224, pltaylor, forever29, Chaz, Crackberrykills, Tremortality, Iceman, papped, uncheels23, noaim, patches152, pkcable...

    Come on. What's wrong with you people? Share the ****** release notes with the rest of the Crackberry nation! ...... please?!
    08-28-09 07:48 PM