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    I got my original curve 8330 replaced a couple weeks ago because the screen was randomly going black in the middle of texts and various other little things that made the phone impossible to use. I was excited to get a replacement to tie me over until January until I can upgrade my 2 year. Anyway, minus the screen turning black, I've had the same issues as before. The two biggest issues are bbm and voicemail. I am not getting any pin requests from friends and when I send out pin requests it goes straight to pending and my friends say they never get them. I have scoured this site for answers and tried EVERYTHING you guys have suggested. Nothing has worked. Now I just discovered my voicemail isn't working. A friend said she called me and tried to leave a message but it beeped at her and hung up. From doing some research on this site and others I've learned that the data plan may be the issue? Is it possible they messed something up with setting up this replacement phone and didn't transfer all my information? I am able to use the internet, facebook, email and sms/mms. although sometimes pages won't load and i'll get an error message that says my phone does not have enough memory for that particular site (event though 10 min later the same site loads just fine). Help! I'm going kind of crazy without bbm and I need for people to be able to leave me voice mails because I'm not available to answer throughout most of the day.
    10-06-10 03:06 PM
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    Call Big Red and have them fix everything...
    10-06-10 03:09 PM
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    1. Be sure that you changed your device on your BIS.

    Log on to your BIS page from a computer and click on "Change Device" and make sure that the information for your current device is entered there.

    2. Resend your Service Books.

    Log in to your BIS page from a computer. Click on Help and click Send Service Books.

    As to the Voice Mail issue, call Verizon. Voice Mail issues are typically carrier issues not device issues.
    10-06-10 05:28 PM