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    ok so my gf has small ears lol and wants a bluetooth earpiece that goes over/around her ear not in it, any recommendations
    04-14-08 01:48 AM
  2. crackvegas78's Avatar
    Jawbone, it has the option of going over the ear. Or the logitech explorer I am pretty sure is just an over the ear setup
    04-15-08 12:45 AM
  3. flairbrtndr3's Avatar
    ahhhh crackvegas78 here to my rescue i havent used the jawbone i was wondering how small it feels, thanks
    04-15-08 01:15 AM
  4. Strontium's Avatar
    I'm still on the search for the right BT. The Jabra BT8040 I ordered will be my fifth try.

    Recommendations won't do you much good, in the way of fit/comfort. That's going to be up to your girlfriend to decide by just trying them on.

    So far (and I have small ears), I've tried:

    Plantronics Voyager 520 (over the year/in ear...whatever that means)
    Plantronics Voyager 815 (in-ear)
    Samsung WEP430 (over the ear)
    Plantronics Discovery 655 (in-ear)

    The best, so far, has been the Voyager 815. It fits, but barely.

    The WEP430 is a great idea. However, with small ears, it doesn't work out so hot.

    The only one of the above that I've had issues with sound quality with, would be the WEP430. The mic is positioned right in the center. With my small ears, I have to adjust the headset in a way that has the mic pointing at my temple... Needless to say, people complain about hearing me unless I talk loudly.

    The rest I've tried are fine, for voice quality, etc...

    I've stayed away from the Z9 and Jawbone, for a couple of reasons:

    Lots of complaints about fit for the Jawbone. Mixed reviews on call quality for the Z9.

    Like I said, fit is going to be personal. Don't go on what someone else says. Their your (or, in your case 'her') ears...not theirs.

    I've read a lot of very good reviews on the BT8040 regarding fit. So, going to try it out. That seems to be one thing that is recurring in every review of this product...how nice the fit is.

    I would say do this: Go to Best Buy. Pick a headset out. Try it. If it sucks for any reason, exchange for different one. Rinse. Repeat. Until you find one that is acceptable.

    Then, return for refund and purchase the one you found to be good off of ebay

    At least 40% less than retail stores or most online retailers.

    PS - I'm just about done, with Plantronics. They don't seem to test these things out, on humans, before they box them for retail.
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    04-15-08 03:01 AM
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    ok no suggestions... thank cb users you've been a big help

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    Don't be so crass. People get busy.
    04-15-08 03:08 AM
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    I have the Nokia BH-900 and it goes over and around the ear. The earpiece sits outside the ear (hate stuff in my ear) and it has different controls and an extending boom. Lightweight, reliable and stylish.
    04-15-08 03:32 AM
  7. flairbrtndr3's Avatar
    Don't be so crass. People get busy.
    sorry ill delete that one it was a joke between me and someone else on here lol forgot i left it up
    04-15-08 04:07 AM
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    I've tried a few and also seem to have "small" ears. I'm now using the Samsun WEP200. Originally I tried every ear gel that came with it and none felt comfortable or would stay in. then I saw where someone had tried some Jabra ear gels and liked it so I did the same. I found the smallest one worked pretty well but it would sometimes come off in my pocket. Never could find a good place to carry it when I wasn't using it. And never have been the type to keep it on all the time. Anyway... one day I couldn't find the ear gel and had a long drive and several calls to make so I thought... what the heck, I'll try it without any gel at all. Much to my amazement, it fit well and had the best sound ever, and was more comfortable than anything else I've tried, and slipped right in my ear with no more twisting and gyrations to get it to "stick".

    Your mileage may vary but it's working great for me "gel-less".
    04-15-08 01:20 PM
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    Don't be so crass. People get busy.
    Like you? Bashing other peoples posts?
    04-16-08 01:26 PM
  10. chynnamann's Avatar
    Jawbone goes over the ear with a clip and in it with it's speaker. I would recommend motorola's (not the H5 or H9) they seem to hook over your ear and somewhat flat against it... so no speaker canal. or she can buy some jabra ear gels and trim them to fit her ears...
    04-16-08 01:48 PM
  11. flairbrtndr3's Avatar
    it looks like we are gonna have to go out and spend hours trying them on like she does with clothes
    04-16-08 05:32 PM
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    Like you? Bashing other peoples posts?
    Stalk, much?

    I find it humorous that you insinuated that I was in 5th grade

    And, who bashed your post? Not I. I, simply, pointed out that the information was already available. Get your panties out of the knot about it, already
    04-16-08 06:07 PM
  13. uncheels23's Avatar
    the motorola h 375 has 2 different ear buds and are pretty comfortable and it has a hook to go over the ear
    04-16-08 06:25 PM