1. kwitel's Avatar
    I am currently using Motorolas H710 which sounds and functions quite well but I seem to be having an intermittent problem with it.

    It periodically seems to lose its connection with my BB (never during a call). Its very annoying b/c I can make a call and out of the blue it wont work; the person will pick up and not be able to hear me. Ill have to close it and reopen it to re-establish the connection.

    Any suggestions on how I can fix it or, recommendations for another good headset?
    05-14-09 08:12 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    I use the BlueAnt V1 with my 8830. I don't have a problem with it losing a connection as long as I don't stray too far from my 8830. And sometimes it will reconnect automatically. I haven't figured out why it doesn't always. Overall, I'm quite pleased with it. I use it for voice only; it doesn't do music.
    05-14-09 09:21 PM