1. dragokatzov's Avatar
    Its been a long time sense I have posted here. I currently have a Samsung galaxy S II X from Telus. Awesome phone. one problem, reception is not as good, so i find. My old phone was a Blakberry Bold 9700.
    At first i noticed there didn't seem to be as many bars when i was out in the country as before. I know this might not be an accurate way to measure things, so i ignored it at first. The real problem came in when i called my girlfriend on the drive home (or maybe from, i can;'t remember, it doesn't matter anyways) from my parents house. The second half of the trip is on the trans canada highway, so coverage is always good, but the first half is spotty. In areas where i knew i had coverage with my old blackberry, my android failed. There is one short area where there is no coverage what so ever, but its a road in a gorge, so i don't expect coverage there. the rest was always smooth sailing with my old blackberry, but its really sketchy with my Samsung.
    I called telus about it. they said that they should both receiving the same amount of coverage regardless of the device i have. I am a little more skeptic however.
    before I had my blackberry, I had an LG keybo. it cut out in the same areas. So I leave this question to you fine folks. Do you really think blackberry's have better antennas or what?
    01-23-12 11:21 PM
  2. Bozarth's Avatar
    no, it's your carrier
    01-23-12 11:36 PM
  3. ejazali's Avatar
    Absolutely, I worked at FS for 5 years and during witch i was told my my customers and cell Iphone representatives that every manufacturer has a different method of designing and applying their antennas, something as simple as where they place the antenna in the phone can make a huge difference as we saw on the Iphone 4.. in my experience as well as the feed back I have received the best designed and applied antenna systems are 1) Motorola, 2) Blackberry, 3) Iphone 4) Samsung 5) HTC 6) LG. Remember your phone is simply very expensive and sophisticated radio. It all about how it broadcast and received data waves. The cell towers consistently broadcast the same waves all the time but your phone is the one that is doing all the hard work.
    01-24-12 12:03 AM
  4. emirozmen's Avatar
    Reception used to be very good until BB7, for me.
    01-24-12 12:17 AM
  5. Harley Kid's Avatar
    I have had a plethora of phones ... from an iPhone4 to the Samsung Galaxy S (2weeks) and a few other devices. A lot of the problems are due to carrier strength, yet I swear that BB has one of the best signal strengths of any device going. I have tried an Iphone, Samsung, Motorola and blackberry all on one server ... BB Bold blows em all away ... Without question!
    01-24-12 12:25 AM