1. tbierl's Avatar
    One of my users notice that in their contact information the PINs are showing up though he has never added it or PIN'd the other users. It appears the PINs are only from others on the same email server (exchange) but necessarily the same BES.

    How and when does a PIN get on another user's BB? it is shared through the BES ot via some other means? Will this cross BES's from other companies?
    12-13-11 01:52 PM
  2. OniBerry's Avatar
    I can find all my coworker's PINs in my BES addy book. Not really sure if that is what you mean by getting a PIN on your device. It is not limited to the same server (at least for us)

    Check with your BESAdmin.(Oops, looks like you may be the admin)
    12-13-11 01:59 PM