1. jjstewar23's Avatar
    Hi all, first time poster. I recently got a BB Curve and everything is working great, however, I am receiving every email twice. Can anyone help me with this?
    09-12-08 07:43 AM
  2. sito's Avatar
    blackberry knnowledge base has fix for this issue. I seen it once. I can't recall it.
    09-12-08 07:48 AM
  3. WFLDEng636's Avatar
    Who's email are you using, Google, AOL, ect.
    09-12-08 09:42 AM
  4. jjstewar23's Avatar
    It's a gmail account and a outlook account. both are showing up twice.
    09-12-08 09:43 AM
  5. Titch's Avatar
    Hi.. first post (i will introduce myself asap!)

    but i'm having the same problem.. (i hope i'm not hijacking a thread, didn't want to make a duplicate)

    it's actually my mums BBpearl from work, but she has an O2 email.. and a GMail email address both coming to the BB.. the O2 one was set up when work bought the staff the phones.. but she's never used it and never will.. but i can't find how to get rid of that one, and just keep the gmail email..

    how do i remove the unwanted email address and it's folder so it no longer comes to the phone..


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    09-12-08 03:35 PM
  6. Dormio's Avatar
    Try reading this:
    BlackBerry Search Results
    09-12-08 03:48 PM
  7. Chrisy's Avatar

    welcome to Crackberry!
    09-12-08 04:07 PM
  8. Titch's Avatar

    i didn't realise it was a server side option.. so the only way to stop the O2 emails arriving at the phone is to login to the customer site at O2?

    It dosn't matter if the address still exists.. just so long as the emails don't show up on the phone (it's causing confusement lol)
    09-12-08 04:12 PM
  9. lovephotos88's Avatar
    I have a BB Curve 8310 and I keep receiving my emails twice and three times on my phone. My email on my phone is my university email account and I have Outlook on two different computers. I'm getting ready to get rid of Outlook on my old computer, but does anybody know how to fix it??
    07-29-09 09:39 AM
  10. cavingjan's Avatar
    Are you forwarding the emails to another account (and thus getting downloaded again)?
    07-29-09 11:34 AM
  11. icanican's Avatar
    go to main menu > setup> email settings... login... edit/delete unwanted email acc... save settings & logout.

    problem solved.
    07-29-09 09:32 PM