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    Long time lurker, first time poster here. I'd like to start off by specifying that I do consider myself to be an adept blackberry user, but have found myself in a situation where I am about to call in the insurance on my phone and wanted to take one last stab at this problem before doing so.

    I'll do my best to keep this brief:

    I am currently dealing with the 507 error, which I have successfully resolved on my own before, but now when the app loader begins the last step (Loading applications), it gets about 1/4th done and my phone reboots itself. The app loader then of course gives me an error that it cannot contact my device and the options are to retry or cancel. Retrying at the right time will make it attempt loading of apps again, but the phone continues to reboot at about 1/4th the way through.

    Blackberry Bold (9000)
    Brand new battery

    Background info:
    Was running the OS that AT&T released with VVM, but subsequently pulled.
    Phone has had water damage in the past, but came back to life a day later with no issues.
    Lately Google Maps has been crashing my phone, causing it to reboot, and restart halfway through the reboot sequence causing an infinite loop. The only to break this cycle was a weird process of pulling the battery, booting the phone off of external power, reinserting the battery, pulling the external power, then removing and replacing the battery. F***ed up, I know.

    Picture info:
    The module it rebooted on in the pic is net_rim_bis_blah blah blah. It does NOT always reboot on the module. I've seen it reboot on the bluetooth module a couple of times as well as many others.

    Thanks in advance oh gods of thine blackberry.
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    That happend to me before... make sure that the phone is off... connect the phone to the pc and the red light should start blinking (the phone should remaing off)... then open the desktop manager and try again it worked for me...
    11-16-09 06:07 PM
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    thanks for the advice atrpm, but unfortunately that did not solve the issue. it basically did the same thing but with the desktop manager gui instead of the standalone app loader gui.
    11-16-09 07:08 PM
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    Keep trying I had to try quite a few times for me to work... also try changing usb ports and do some research on BBSAK... is a good tool for BB's...
    11-16-09 08:23 PM