1. skstrials's Avatar
    I bought a Q10 from Rogers in 2014, which was warranty fixed a couple month later. In return, I received a factory refurbished unit from BlackBerry, due to a keyboard fault.

    With the CRTC law change on Dec 1st 2017, I wanted to unlock it through Rogers, so that I can put my current carrier sim card in.

    I am finding now that factory warrantied (refurbished) Q10s cannot be unlocked, which I was not informed about. So now I am with a perfectly fine Q10 I bought and paid for but cannot use because of a carrier lock.

    I checked other Ebay BlackBerry unlock code sellers; and they also state that factory warrantied Q10s cannot be unlocked.

    So what kind of compensation for this is fair? I should not be blocked from unlocking my phone just for using the manufacturer's warranty during the warranty period for the manufacturer's fault.

    Rogers has since elevated this issue to get back to me.
    12-29-17 08:21 PM
  2. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    Hopefully there is a better solution, but you really need to have some realistic expectations about a nearly 5 year old smartphone. The new law in Canada wasn't even a proposal when that phone was launched, much less when it was designed. You can't expect retroactive support, even if you hope for it.

    I get that you exchanged your original phone under warranty and got one locked to the carrier in return, but that was standard procedure at the time. And while I sincerely hope they can find a solution for you, if they don't, you can't really be surprised or overly upset. That device has been effectively EOL for years now.
    12-30-17 02:07 AM

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