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    RealVNC and QNX team up to deliver MirrorLink mobile-to-vehicle connectivity - Cambridge Network

    RealVNC, the provider of VNC® remote access software, and QNX Software Systems Limited, a global leader in software platforms for in-car electronics, today announced that they have teamed up to bring RealVNC’s MirrorLink™ mobile-to-vehicle connectivity solution to the QNX CAR™ Platform for Infotainment.
    The QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment is based on QNX® software technology proven in tens of millions of vehicles. Designed for flexibility, the platform supports a rich choice of application environments and smartphone platforms, as well as a comprehensive set of pre-integrated components to help automotive companies build connected, custom-branded, and media-rich infotainment systems.

    With RealVNC’s MirrorLink™ Certified VNC Automotive SDK integrated in the QNX CAR Platform, QNX Software Systems can offer additional connectivity features for integrating cars and smartphones through Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, and USBTM, and provide customers with a proven solution that enables quicker time to market.

    “RealVNC has created the industry benchmark for the MirrorLink standard, which enables seamless connectivity between smartphones and car infotainment systems, and we’re pleased to offer our customers RealVNC’s implementation in the QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment,” said Peter McCarthy, Director, Global Partnerships, QNX Software Systems.

    “We are delighted to work with QNX Software Systems on integrating VNC Automotive into the QNX CAR Platform,” said Tom Blackie, VP Mobile RealVNC. “VNC Automotive is the most mature, flexible and high-performing connectivity solution on the market today and continues to be widely adopted. Many tier 1 and auto OEM customers are already using the proven combination of RealVNC and QNX technologies in production programs.”

    VNC Automotive has been widely adopted by the automotive industry as the standard for integrating mobile and vehicle, with partners including the world’s largest automotive, infotainment, OEM and Tier 1 manufacturers. VNC Automotive provides a seamless experience enabling smartphone connections over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB, the technology also supports other connectivity protocols such as MirrorLink and iPod Out.

    About RealVNC

    RealVNC’s software is used by hundreds of millions of people around the world in both desktop and mobile platforms for remote access and control. The technology is being deployed in every sector of industry, commerce, government and education. Founded by the original inventors of VNC, RealVNC is the only organization able to offer a commercial license to embed VNC remote access capability in third-party products and offerings.

    About QNX Software Systems

    QNX Software Systems Limited, a subsidiary of BlackBerry® (NASDAQ:BBRY; TSX:BB), is a leading vendor of operating systems, development tools, and professional services for connected embedded systems. Global leaders such as Audi, Cisco, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, and Siemens depend on QNX technology for vehicle infotainment units, network routers, medical devices, industrial automation systems, security and defense systems, and other mission- or life-critical applications. Founded in 1980, QNX Software Systems is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada; its products are distributed in more than 100 countries worldwide. Visit QNX operating systems, development tools, and professional services for connected embedded systems and www.facebook.com/QNXSoftwareSystems, and follow @QNX_News on Twitter. For updates on the company’s automotive work, visit qnxauto.blogspot.com and follow @QNX_Auto.

    QNX and QNX CAR are trademarks of BlackBerry Limited, which are registered and/or used in certain jurisdictions, and are used un- der license by QNX Software Systems Limited. QNX Software Systems Limited (QSS) is a subsidiary of BlackBerry Limited. Forward-looking statements in this news release are made pursuant to the "safe harbor" provisions of the U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and applicable Canadian securities laws. When used herein, words such as “expect”, “anticipate”, “estimate”, “may”, “will”, “should”, “intend”, “believe”, and similar expressions, are intended to identify forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are based on estimates and assumptions made by QSS in light of its experience and its perception of historical trends, current conditions, and expected future developments, as well as other factors that QSS believes are appropriate in the circumstances. Many factors could cause QSS's actual results, performance, or achievements to differ materially from those expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements, including those described in the “Risk Factors” section of BlackBerry’s Annual Information Form, which is included in its Annual Report on Form 40-F (copies of which filings may be obtained at Welcome to the SEDAR Web Site / Bienvenue au Site Web SEDAR or U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission | Homepage). These factors should be considered carefully, and readers should not place undue reliance on QSS’s forward-looking statements. BlackBerry and QSS have no intention and undertake no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by law. QSS is not responsible for and assumes no obligations or liability and makes no representation, warranty, endorsement, or guarantee in relation to any aspect of any third-party products or services.

    VNC is a registered trademark of RealVNC Ltd. in the U.S. and in other countries.

    MirrorLink Certified™, the Design Only™ Certification Logo, MirrorLink™ and the MirrorLink™ Logo are certification marks and trademarks of the Car Connectivity Consortium LLC. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.
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    11-12-13 10:49 AM
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    awesome finding! This is cool stuff for the future
    11-12-13 10:51 AM
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    Any word on manufactures that actual use QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment?
    11-12-13 10:54 AM
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    Any word on manufactures that actual use QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment?
    Automotive Solutions I think??


    HandsFreeLink, a Bluetooth-enabled, hands-free phone system, comes standard in all Acura and several Honda vehicles including the Accord, Odyssey, and Pilot. The system creates a wireless connection to mobile phones and allows drivers to make and receive calls without distracting them from the road. The quality hands-free calling experience is provided by the QNX Aviage Acoustic Processing Suite.

    Deployed in over ten BMW models (including the 7-series and M models), BMW’s QNX-based infotainment system controls a number of in-vehicle functions such as navigation, audio, iPod and MP3 player connectivity, media management, and Bluetooth hands-free.

    Using a combination of the QNX Neutrino RTOS and QNX Aviage Acoustic Processing, the Chrysler Pacifica UConnect offers an optional hands-free, in-vehicle communications system that places calls with Bluetooth phones and provides a clear, reliable calling experience. A microphone in the rear-view mirror accepts voice commands and allows drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

    Daewoo’s VisionJoy system is an integrated navigation and information unit that relies on the QNX Neutrino RTOS for its ultra-reliable operation. The system uses a touch screen interface and GPS-enabled communications to provide drivers with services such as traffic and congestion updates, automatic route selection, and detailed 'turn-by-turn" voice directions. It is available today in the Daewoo Statesman and Winstorm.

    OnStar is a subscription-based communications, monitoring, and tracking service provided by General Motors. As a standard feature in all GM vehicles for North America, it uses both the QNX® Neutrino® RTOS for guaranteed performance in emergency situations and the clear hands-free quality of the QNX Aviage® Acoustic Processing Suite.


    The Hyundai Mobis MTS-1 navigation system simultaneously manages navigation, a hands-free phone module, a rear-seat entertainment screen, media-rich applications, and user controls such as window lifts, seat adjusts, and HVAC through a single, multi-functional console. The system is built on the QNX Neutrino RTOS and QNX graphics for a trouble-free user experience.

    Land Rover Range Rover

    The Land Rover’s digital instrument cluster presents driver information through virtual gauges and sophisticated graphics, made reliable by the QNX Neutrino RTOS. Dynamically reconfigured for the vehicle’s operating modes, the display is provided as a standard feature in all markets worldwide.


    The Porsche Communication Management system is a central control unit for audio, navigation and communications, featuring iPod, MP3, and USB memory stick playback, Bluetooth compatibility, GPS navigation, and more. QNX-based technology coordinates the device connectivity of the PCM system, which is operated through voice control and a large touch-screen interface.


    The 9-3 line of Saab vehicles offers an infotainment system that combines Bluetooth, navigation and connection to MOST, provides full navigation and turn-by-turn driving display, and supports an RDS receiver, CD changer, and mobile phone. Saab’s tier one supplier chose QNX Software Systems as the OS provider because of our reliable track record of in-vehicle installations.

    Renault Samsung

    The Renault-Samsung 3D infotainment system provides the SM7 with a variety of services, including navigation with traffic updates, air conditioning, car audio, gas mileage, engine control unit monitoring, DMB broadcast, MP3, WMA, and video playback, as well as rear-seat entertainment. This amazing combination of capabilities is based on the QNX Neutrino RTOS.

    11-12-13 11:02 AM
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    awesome finding! This is cool stuff for the future
    Indeed! I was actually excited to read about this one.
    11-12-13 11:05 AM
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    You're missing Audi in the list, I know for sure it uses QNX, case in point mine. They use MMI which is QNX

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    You're missing Audi in the list, I know for sure it uses QNX, case in point mine. They use MMS which is QNX
    You are correct. I completely skipped over it...made even more egregious as I drive one.


    The QNX-based Audi Multi Media Interface showcases QNX graphics technology on top of the solid QNX Neutrino RTOS. The MMI system connects every advanced system in the Audi A8L, Q5, and A6 vehicles, allowing drivers to control everything from DVD based navigation, through Bluetooth communications, to CD audio and satellite radio.
    11-12-13 02:11 PM
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    And MirrorLink is in 10.2.1
    11-12-13 06:22 PM
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    It is?? For z10 how??

    Posted via CB10
    11-13-13 08:41 AM
  10. anon(2729369)'s Avatar
    It is?? For z10 how??

    Posted via CB10
    I think it's automagic, when you establish a Bluetooth connection to supported equipment.
    11-13-13 09:20 AM
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    Does that mean user openvpn access could be coming soon? Isn't that what the system uses? (I read that somewhere on CB so I could be way off on that one..)

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    11-13-13 10:10 AM
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    Does that mean user openvpn access could be coming soon? Isn't that what the system uses? (I read that somewhere on CB so I could be way off on that one..)

    Posted via CB10
    I would think that they use VNC...

    The OpenVPN service is there, up and running, but nothing in Settings yet. My main worry is that it's only there because some Cisco router is using it and we won't be able to use it as is for some reason... Same reason we can't encrypt emails probably.
    11-13-13 10:56 AM
  13. Poirots Progeny's Avatar
    That would be a continual annoyance.

    Posted via CB10
    11-13-13 11:18 AM
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    Will give the 10.2.1 leak a try this weekend to see if I can get it to link with my Mirrorlink Sony after-market radio (601-bt). Will report back.
    11-14-13 05:44 PM
  15. anon(2729369)'s Avatar
    Will give the 10.2.1 leak a try this weekend to see if I can get it to link with my Mirrorlink Sony after-market radio (601-bt). Will report back.
    Looking forward to that
    11-14-13 06:00 PM
  16. herbersh's Avatar
    Well, no luck in getting my Z30 (10.2.1055) to connect via USB to Mirrorlink on the Sony. Tried different methods, including installing the Samsung Drive Link app, but nada. Likely due to different versions of Mirrorlink. The newest version is v1.1 but Sony or any of the others have yet to update the firmware to support.

    Hopefully a firmware update to the Sony (whenever that might be) will solve the problem.
    11-15-13 05:36 PM
  17. fstick09's Avatar
    Hey herbersh,
    Any update to this? I am considering an app enabled aftermarket radio and would love it if my BlackBerry would work with it.
    01-29-14 02:05 PM
  18. herbersh's Avatar
    No update yet. There is only one supplier who is Mirrorlink v1.1 certified so far. (Volkswagan)
    One of the sites suggested they expect a v1.1 after market unit mid 2014. I don't know if some of the units currently on the market will offer firmware update to mirrorlink v1.1, but hopefully it is not part of 'planned obsolescence '.

    Posted via CB10
    02-01-14 09:35 AM
  19. fstick09's Avatar
    Thanks for the update. I was going to try and find a Pioneer Appradio 3 at a local stereo shop and see if my Z10 running the android AppRadio app would connect. It's a longshot, but I want to at least try before giving up and just buying a AUX input adaptor for my factory head unit.
    02-01-14 01:07 PM
  20. rango10's Avatar
    Yeah my big question is the new pioneer decks that have mirror link. I have the old f90bt and want to upgrade to their newest flagship gps

    02-04-14 12:09 AM
  21. herbersh's Avatar
    Well almost.

    I connected a Z10 with the 10.3 leak and it connected to my Sonybt601 via mirrorlink. The head unit displayed a control panel with three icons on the left. A home button and two menu like buttons along with a volume icon.
    The Z10 briefly displayed a screen with 4 blank icons on the bottom, then flipped to the music app.

    However, nothing seemed to work.

    After playing around with it and changing a few settings....well now nothing again.

    With the new OS, it seems like Mirrorlink is close to functional.

    Looking forward to further leaks.

    Posted via CB10 on the great Z30
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    03-24-14 08:28 PM
  22. rango10's Avatar
    I really hope this is the case. It would be super beneficial if the os works with all MirrorLink devices

    T-Mobile Z10STL100-3/ ?
    03-29-14 09:45 AM
  23. Raz_Ka_me LozHuevoz's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    03-30-14 10:17 PM

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