1. llamax's Avatar
    My workplace is soon cutting ActiveSync access w/o a container app that is only configured for Android and IOS. Facing the inevitable, I am trying my best to love an iPhone... but failing miserably. I really do not understand how anyone can put up with the interface and keyboard.

    So, I am trying to find any way to replicate the BB10 experience as closely as possible on an iPhone via hacks, jailbreak, or other.

    The Crimson keyboard app has swiping up on words above keys on the keyboard but no swipe to delete and the keys are arranged in such an awkward way. Also, aftermarket keyboards are unable to be used for entering passwords so you get the stock keyboard when inputting passwords.

    Does anyone know how to get as close a BB10 experience as possible on an iPhone?

    I truly pity those who struggle typing on anything but the BlackBerry VKB. I really do not get how people put up with it.
    02-25-17 02:12 AM
  2. velkod's Avatar
    Whys it gotta be an Iphone. In a few hours BlackBerry releasing their new phone running andoid for the third time. I share your IOS disdain, I have an 6s for 17 days n got rid of it. Just a terrible PHONE
    02-25-17 03:00 AM

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