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    Saw this video today where this YouTuber gives statistics on Blackberry users in the United States. I wonder if this is true.

    08-20-12 11:45 AM
  2. dbollman423's Avatar
    I generally don't go to a 10th grader for advice. If he is so informed why doesn't he mention that Samsung is about to get raped in court by apple this week to the tune of $2,500,000,000.00 for past patent infringements.
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    08-20-12 12:23 PM
  3. axeman1000's Avatar
    So we are to take the opinion of a teenager who once he turned off his camera went to work and repeatedly said "do you want fries with that?" See the humour in this that this kid knows about as much as the state of blackberry as I do in saying he works for a fast food joint. Bottom line: I don't know if he does, he does not know the real truth about blackberry and rim.
    08-20-12 12:29 PM
  4. jegs2's Avatar
    It's well-presented, if biased. Of all the Soldiers with whom I work, I can count on one hand how many use privately-owned BBs. Most seem to prefer either Android phones or iPhones. Those who are issued BBs dislike them for various reasons - they're slow, limited, and annoying (endless work email); ours are the older Bold models. Mine stays at home - pretty much all the time.
    08-20-12 12:33 PM
  5. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Everyone has an opinion. Only your own counts. I don't pick my devices based on what other people think.
    08-20-12 12:42 PM
  6. GTiLeo's Avatar
    Everyone has an opinion. Only your own counts. I don't pick my devices based on what other people think.
    You're one of the few that do then
    08-20-12 12:46 PM
  7. Cesare21's Avatar
    I was more unbiased in my opinion in my 10th grade than this guy. Hate spilled over on youtube?
    08-20-12 01:08 PM
  8. Clinto's Avatar
    This is the most worthless thread I've ever seen on Crackberry.. Can't beleive I wasted 1 whole minute of my life on that horse sh*t video. 1 minute is all I needed to see that... First of all the kid was like 15 years old... 2nd.. He got his information from the boy genius report (BGR). Their founder Jonathan Gellar is a big time BlackBerry hater and anything about Blackberry that comes from BGR is always completely made up or is from some "anonomous" source. It's all total bullsh*t. I started boycotting BGR back when Gellar threw a temper tantrum and unloaded on BlackBerry when they wouldn't give him a BB10 Dev Alpha Device.

    That video had about as much substance as what I flush down the toilet everday.
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    08-21-12 09:31 PM
  9. santino a's Avatar
    Its no lie that RIM is doing quite badly atm, that's why they're at the point of copying the app store of ios and android for bb10. Since when do people with bb care about that stuff?
    08-21-12 10:40 PM
  10. santino a's Avatar
    Just watched the vid, bullter
    08-21-12 10:45 PM
  11. blackberry-unlocking710's Avatar
    This is so wrong.
    08-22-12 12:58 AM
  12. santino a's Avatar
    I don't see him smashing his bb up though
    08-22-12 01:40 AM
  13. darkmanx2g's Avatar
    Lol I can see how crackberry users would be upset about his video but yeah its his opinion . And crackberry users have said much worst about other platforms then this guy.

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    08-22-12 02:14 AM
  14. Branta's Avatar
    This is a another failed attempt at a drop-and-run troll, and the OP is smart enough to know it.

    I can see many reasons why the so called statistics in the video should be regarded as junk. Leaving aside the discredited source of data (BGR) it is clearly bogus to extrapolate web browser user-agent data into the number of smartphones in use. This deception is compounded because most BB phones now in service show Webkit as the browser UA.

    Now consider the smirking kid trying to make out that he is intelligent by comparing an older Curve model (1 MP camera?) with a recent high-end large touchscreen device and any intelligent observer knows this was posted here as a troll attempt.

    Maybe I should find time to look closer at the OP's recent posts. Instinct tells me a long time troll is bored and slipping back to his old ways.
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    08-22-12 05:04 AM
  15. SoCalRedbird's Avatar
    Like every other non-BlackBerry user on the planet, this kid has ZERO clue about what today's BlackBerrys bring to the table. They all assume that today's BlackBerrys are the same ones we were using 5 years ago. I'd like to say this kid's opinions are an exception (to what I KNOW to be the rule), but common sense tells me otherwise. I blame RIM for that.
    08-22-12 11:40 AM
  16. mphillips828's Avatar
    I love how this guy is comparing old BB technology and hardware to new HIGH-END Android devices...compare that old curve to a low-end android device made last year and it will be similar :P media and its perceptions (not that he is media, but he represents what media outlets say about RIM) are so flawed its not even funny! People turn on the news and see the tech segment comparing a year old BlackBerry to a Brand New Samsung Galaxy S3 device and says thats why RIM is failing because they have terrible hardware.

    I cant wait until BB10 OS comes out and BB10 devices so android users can not throw the specs in our faces and say their phones are better purely because a company can throw quad-core and 12MP cameras into phones.
    08-22-12 12:58 PM