1. neegro's Avatar
    I have a bold 9000 running os 5 (.681), each time I reboot my phone I lose like 30 percent of the battery, sometimes 25 and almost 50 once. I literally **** everytime the need for reboot comes. Is this happening to anyone?

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    04-16-11 11:53 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Have you shrunk your OS?

    When I used a 9000, it always drained battery when it rebooted, no matter what OS I ran. I would try to only reboot it while I was able to connect it to the charger.

    Shrinking the OS helps eliminate need for frequent reboots by freeing up memory. It is also good to make sure there are not too many apps running in the background. The 9000 is limited in memory, and apps running in the background are usually the cause of lag, hourglass, and memory leak. If you close the apps you should be able to reduce the need to reboot.
    04-17-11 10:51 AM