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    I really thought and hope actually still felt like BlackBerry had it in the bag with BlackBerry10 it's a fact over many reviews and test that the new BlackBerry10 phones are the most durable best looking and reliable buttttttttt 2 thing are going kill BlackBerry advertisement and bbm going cross platform....i know ppl are excited yes there are and bbm will get billions of ppl......but a lot of ppl the millions left a lot are only there for bbm why buy a BlackBerry when u can buy another phone and have bbm.....i see it everyyyyy day on bbm ppl waiting to get a new phone just waiting on bbm to go cross platform.......i sell cell phones to ppl in the Caribbean (mainly Barbados) everyone asked about BlackBerry 10 phones until now no one ask for BlackBerry anymore and it hurts me I don't know if it's me but it seems someone at BlackBerry is selling out *heins* and I hope not I actually wish ios and android had refuse so we could at least keep the ppl we have and slowly add more.....but I love my BlackBerry until the end (2095)

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    06-28-13 11:54 PM
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    Not to be picky, but your statement is very hard to follow. You have no structure defining one point from the next. I can pretty much guarantee that a lot of users won't get passed the first line.
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    06-29-13 07:15 AM
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    What I'm trying to say is BlackBerry needs better advertising........and also bbm going cross platform is the first big sign of BlackBerry going down for good

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    06-29-13 10:21 AM
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    Maybe BBM is a reason to buy a BB in other countries but in the USA it is not. No one I know personally has a BB and I bought one anyway and BBM had nothing to do with it and people who weren't buying BB's had not one thought about BBM so it wasn't a factor in their purchase anyway.
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    06-29-13 10:31 AM
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    I agree with you on advertising, but not with BBM.

    No one sticks with BBRY because of BBM. That statement may have been true 3 years ago, but not in 2013. Biggest users of BBM are consumers in "emerging markets" like Asia. And that's due to two main reasons: first, carrier plans are different, it's cheaper to pay for BIS than it is to have a data/text package. And second, consumers in those markets don't have the means to a $600-$700 iPhone, which by the way, isn't subsidized by the carrier like phones are in North America with contract plans.

    BBM is BBRY's best shot at this point to get BBRY's own foot in the door and their name back into everyday conversation with people. Think about it, not many people are talking about BBRY because the only way to expericce BBRY is to buy one of their phones, which most people aren't willing to shell out money for right now. But, take the vast majority of smartphone users (80% or so) and give them a free app to download, an app which is familiar, proven, and trusted (and also nostalgic to former BBRY now iPhone/Android users), and allow them to get that unique BBM/BBRY experience.

    In the short term, sure, it won't make BBRY billions. But in the long term it will do nothing but help them.
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    06-29-13 10:44 AM
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    Ok let me put it this way in the Caribbean 95% of ppl that use BlackBerry are 14-30 it's only $10 a week for BlackBerry Internet service another $10 for calls and text.....about 99% only pay for BlackBerry Internet service......when bbm goes cross platform it's a fact the majority are going leave I have over 200 contacts that I know for a fact that are just waiting it's all over Facebook Twitter etc it's only a matter of time srry to say

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    06-29-13 10:23 PM
  7. Bdot-1's Avatar
    I am one that will be leaving as well when the Motorola X comes... But, if blackberry in a couple years has some decent devices then I would return if the bbm app works well. If they cant get a cross platform messaging app right, they cant do a complete OS. I think its a good thing because BBM is far superior to whatsapp, yahoo and the others and it will keep their brand in spotlight.
    06-30-13 06:16 PM
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    Paragraphs and punctuation - they're your friends.

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    06-30-13 06:18 PM
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    I Canada nobody buys a BlackBerry for BBM. Keeping it restricted to BlackBerry devices would actually hinder BB10 sales, or at the very least not even amount to anything that can be considered a value added service. Cross platform will help them sell more IMO because now ppl know they can use one of the best features of a BlackBerry with EVERYBODY

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    06-30-13 06:45 PM
  10. rtang1007's Avatar
    I Canada nobody buys a BlackBerry for BBM. Keeping it restricted to BlackBerry devices would actually hinder BB10 sales, or at the very least not even amount to anything that can be considered a value added service. Cross platform will help them sell more IMO because now ppl know they can use one of the best features of a BlackBerry with EVERYBODY

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    Yes, agree! I switch from iPhone to Z10, not because of BBM, simply because of a desired OS and UI. I know some relatives who were BlackBerry users switched to Androids and iPhone 2 years ago because BlackBerry did not have new phone coming out in the last two years. They now consider coming back to BlackBerry because they know BBM will go cross platform. They say they still love BlackBerry, especially BB10 devices than other phones, but hesitate to come back to BlackBerry because they don't have any more BBM contacts. With BBM crossing platform, they can come back to use BlackBerry at the same time keeping in touch with their friends on different platforms.

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    06-30-13 07:03 PM
  11. aniym's Avatar
    Realistically, Blackberry-made phones will be history in 1 or 2 years at the latest. The company will scale back operations to mobile device management and software-based services as they cannot compete against bigger players in the hardware business. So BBM going cross-platform now is a good move as BB will soon be managing iOS and Android devices for enterprise. Keeping BBM exclusive to BB devices haven't done anything to stem the slide in subscriber numbers, which have been in the millions each quarter.
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    06-30-13 07:20 PM
  12. stubbornswiss's Avatar
    Every one (yes, that's every one) of my bbm contacts now uses WhatsApp. I now use it as well, and text internationally with no problems. Is it as good as bbm? Really, thats going to be a personal thing. For me, it works just great! Having been a very loyal BB user - and defender - for a very long time, 6 months ago I made the switch. Although I do miss some features of my 9930, I am adapting to my now jailbroken and tweaked iPhone, but unfortunately with the news we continue to receive from BlackBerry I miss it less with each passing day.
    Just my 2 cents.
    06-30-13 07:26 PM
  13. Plazmic Flame's Avatar
    Everyone is going to eat their hats and I will have the hot sauce ready.

    BBM going cross-platform will become a great tool for business and great for the mass public. Just you wait.
    06-30-13 09:13 PM

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