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    Hello. So I have had my pearl for about a year now. I recently updated to OS 4.5. I absolutely love it, but I have run into a very annoying issue, Whenever I call an automated service. Basically, whenever I have to Press 1 to do this or 2 to do that, I have problems. 80% of the time it is in letter mode (i.e. I press a button and a letter appears on the screen, instead of a number). However, 20% it is in number mode. In addition, there isn't an easy way to switch. Sometimes, pressing alt once, does the trick. Sometimes, I have to press it 4 or 5 times. Annoying at first, this issue has become a HUGE pain in the rear.

    Thanks for any advice
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    08-25-08 06:41 PM
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    bump- wow, didn't think this would be a hard issue to resolve. Thanks for any help
    08-26-08 01:05 AM