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    Must review link but add your comments of BlackBerry and your productivity with BlackBerry as a realty agent to this thread !

    Realtors Rejoice! Supra eKey App now working! - BlackBerry Forums at CrackBerry.com

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    04-08-14 03:00 AM
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    Hooray Realtors! Finally Have Supra EKEY working!

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    04-08-14 03:01 AM
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    EKEY demo with Z10
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    04-08-14 03:03 AM
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    BlackBerry Realty Agent chooses BlackBerry : http://berryflow.com/2014/04/my-favo...blackberry-10/

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    04-08-14 03:15 AM
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    Great post Cut and paste : http://www.zdnet.com/productivity-is...te-7000027987/

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    04-08-14 03:25 AM
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    BlackBerry Users are different thread good read:

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    04-08-14 03:26 AM
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    The linked article basically is in line with the mentality that no matter how you look at it, BlackBerry users are not average consumers. The fact that BBOS is still king (in terms of sales and user base) among BlackBerry users shows that even if we consider ourselves normal consumers, the reality is that we aren't.

    I use my Q10 very differently than the "normal" consumers as specified in that article.
    Game would be less than 5 percent.
    Email, messaging, communication in general take up 55 percent of my use. CB10 app and general browsing probably 15%. Productivity apps (creation, viewing, editing of files, organizing info and preparing info to share) takes up probably 30%).

    I'm just guessing at these percentages for me, obviously, but I just wanted to make the point that no matter how much we complain about the company faltering, that maybe the ppl like us are a dying breed.

    Edit: the fact that I can pick up my old 7.1 device and still function just as well or maybe even better than my Q10 in some things throughout my day, just goes to show that at least my use case is a very different from the ppl who are the attractive customers for smartphone companies. I imagine I'm not alone.

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    04-08-14 03:27 AM
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    BlackBerry 101


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    04-08-14 03:33 AM
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