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    Hi Crackberry Users, havent been the forums here lately. Sooo so so busy with College. A couple weeks ago I switched from the BlackBerry Torch to the iPhone 4. Not Happy..at all. I feel like a traitor. A few things that have been going on during the whole thing, well, in the same day, both my iPhone 4 and my internet at the house crashed soooo im sitting in a McCalister's Deli restoring my iPhone. I remember when i did something stupid with my BlackBerry, there were a lot of possibilities i could do to fix the darn thing. However, when this happened, i was absolutely clueless on what to do. This made me realize how bad i miss my BlackBerry. Yet, all the AT&T stores in my surrounding area are closed and i am very impatient. Well, that is my crappy day. Any comments or speculations are welcome.
    03-12-11 07:43 PM
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    Every phone is going to have some problems. I would take an iPhone 4 over a BlackBerry any day.
    03-12-11 08:03 PM
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    Well it's not nessarily that i don't like the iPhone 4. It's the fact that I know I can't do what I want with it if that makes sense. For example, last year I had a 3GS and wanted to downgrade to a lower iOS, of course you have to verify, Apple wouldn't let me.

    And yes I know every phone is a lemon right? I updated to iOS 4.3 last night and now my app store crashes everytime I open it. Haven't really figured out how to fix it yet. Maybe another restore? I hope not.

    BlackBerrys are just simpler for me.

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    03-13-11 10:31 AM
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    You're more comfortable with a system that suits your needs. That's fine. I like iPhones, I'd like one eventually so I can learn the OS (kind of necessary when you're trying to get into mobile fields) but at the end of the day I go back to my BlackBerry because it suits my needs.

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    03-13-11 11:25 AM
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    I had the iPhone4 for one day. I'd still have it if not for the antenna issue (yes it is an issue). I had the iPhone 3g for more than a year. I plan on getting the iPhone 5 when it's released, but my blackberry torch is gonna make it hard for me to leave BB. The multimedia aspect of the iPhone is head and shoulders above the blackberry. The browser is much better on the iPhone too. The main problem that I think I'll have leaving blackberry is the blinking notification light. Of course email is handled much better on the blackberry too. The last problem I'm gonna have leaving blackberry is the battery. It last so much longer than my iPhone battery did. And I can change the battery with no problem if I need to. Also I like not having to take my phone from my ear when I'm outdoors and it start raining. Just a little water hit the iPhone and your warranty is voided. I should have never bought this torch, then my decision would be so easy. But using my ipod touch after using my blackberry, make me want another iPhone.
    03-13-11 12:33 PM