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    Lately, I have seen a lot of posts about stuck "Waiting Voice Mail" icons and thought I would post an explaination and solution.

    First, give the icon time to clear, as it may take a couple minutes depending on your voice mail provider and network latency.

    If the icon fails to clear, you can attempt to clear it by a soft-reset (ALT-Shift-DEL) or cycling your power off. Note that a battery pull is not necessary or even good for you device (see my other posts). What this will effectively do is cause the phone to query the network again, and if it was just due to a communication drop, this will clear it.

    On the other hand, if this does not clear it, AND you have no voice mail, then most likely you are running OS 4.5, and may have attempted to change you VM number.

    In the new OS, there is now an additional step, just changing the stored number ONLY changes what number is called when depress and hold '1'. If you click the space bar at the ribbon (icon menu), this will open your call log. Then press MENU and select Options -> Voice Mail. There you change the number.

    Now, with 4.5, additionally, you want to change the call forwarding to your new number, and specify whick calls get forwarded to whick VM (you can enter more than one).

    If you have a stuck icon, make sure this points to you old VM, and that VM is set to update the WMI. Then soft-reset and wait till it clears.

    Now you can correctly update your VM, without the icon getting out of sync.

    Good luck

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    07-11-08 10:21 PM