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    Yes I'm being a hipercret lol. We should be thrill right now! Something we have been waiting for is finally coming! Plus they are showing they are listening, which was rare with the previous owners. Huge mile stone!

    I don't know why people are bi*ching so much. Let's start with the release dates for the touch and qwerty phone eh. Maybe they are releasing the phone separately because of sales? Say they release both phone at the same time and sell 60 million phone at the first quarter, that would be awesome, but what will happen after that? sales drop to 15mil? Then people will start saying stuff like BlackBerry is dying? It's all about balance. I for one will buy both bb10 so it works perfectly for me eh

    Why are they selling the BB10 later in the states? Maybe because they are focusing on countries they know they will do well on. You can say this is a whole new company and they want to be in their best position by not taking chances. For example if you were to choose courses for college for your first year, would you choose a course you will do well on or a course you may do well? I personally want to achieves the highest gpa I can in the beginning so I can have room for errors.

    Same goes with the apps, Just because they couldn't get that one or two apps, people are saying stuff like I will not buy the bb10, Omg...... Maybe the reason that app is not there is because the app developer has no confidence in BlackBerry eh which I don't blame them. Here's an idea, buy the phone, be patience and when the app developers sees the support Blackberry have, they will create an app for it! Again I don't care, why? I carry two phones with me! I use my iPhone to pay for my Starbucks! If you think that's dumb, what about people's reason for not buying a bb10 was because there was no Starbucks app.........

    Some analysis, bloggers and consumer are complaining about the interface on the bb10 eh. Ummm have you looked at your iphone lately, because I did, it's no difference! It's a screen with squares on it! So saying the bb10 is ugly or something blows my mind.

    I do apologize in advance for my behavior, but i can only take so much eh. I've been using BlackBerry for years, but I also used galaxy 3s, note and iphone, that being sad, I think people complain to give themselve an excuse to move on. It may sound crazy but I think people have an emotional connection to their phones, I know I do eh. But is it really that surprising? Reason why terms like isheep, black sheep, etc comes from eh. I for one love my BlackBerry but i am not blind, i do see the pros and cons. But instead of b*things I overcame the problem by carrying two phones I'm done! Once again I'm sorry
    02-03-13 03:06 AM
  2. TomJasper's Avatar
    Oh boy, your post is full of complaining. Relax.
    02-03-13 03:20 AM

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