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    My wife is blind and has no useful vision. She prefers to use a physical keyboard and for that reason has held onto using her old Nokia for a long time. Whilst the phone works fine in terms of calls and messaging, its wider capabilities are very limited and so she would prefer to move onto a smartphone. The need for a physical keyboard makes Blackberry an obbious option. However the details that can be found online about the degree of accessibility of various Blackberry models and apps. are not altogether clear. For example:

    1. For text messsging, my wife would prefer to have the ability for incoming messsges to be read aloud but to have the option of writing messages by voice or by the keyboard. The sites we can find either do not make clear this aspect of accessibility for Blackberries or deal with it purely in terms of text to speech whilst driving.
    2. The descriptions of the screen readers seem to just make reference to them being useable for a range of applications without making which of the typically most commonly used apps. the screen reader does or does not work with, or how effective it is when interacting with websites generally.

    Any help or advice in relation to the above would be appreciated.
    03-26-16 05:57 AM

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