1. bully74uk's Avatar
    Not really a Blackberry related post as such but wanted to share it anyway !

    Today I have received two random text messages from two different mobile numbers that are not in my address book.

    Neither were abusive in any way, more like two people replying to a text I had sent (but obviously i didn't send)

    The first read "great stuff! please forward me as a recommendation"

    The second simply said "yep no prob"

    Im in the uk and both were from mobile numbers with a +44 prefix.

    I replied to the second one asking "who is this" but got no reply.

    If the texts were weird or abusive then I could put it down to some kind of prank but these seemed too random for that.

    I have never received anything like this before let alone two in one day, do you think it could be a problem with my carriers message center messing up the delivery of texts ?
    10-05-09 05:00 PM
  2. BewitchedWitch21's Avatar
    I've seen some spam texting starting to happen, and in all honesty, it could have just been a wrong number or someone texting your number thinking someone else had the number (numbers get recycled after a certain amount of time after someone disconnects service).
    10-05-09 05:59 PM
  3. crackzilla's Avatar
    How long have you had ur phone? Sometimes a carrier will give out a disconnected number so fast that contacts from the old number will call it thinking it's the same person.

    I had that happen to me with my old 8700 when i was on ATT. Some guy from federal prison was calling me looking for Trina.
    10-05-09 07:03 PM