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    Okay guys so i have a BB Bold 9790 from Dubai and I recently unlocked it and got myself a rogers SIM and plan for it. Recently my phone's battery's been dying super quickly and it randomly restarts and I'm having all these problems already so i got myself a new battery to see if it fixes the problem.........it did not, still randomly restarts )':

    So this morning I decided to disable the APN settings that I used back in Dubai to get Whatsapp to run on my BBM service and my phone stopped connecting to the wifi at my house. I re-enabled it and the wifi started connecting again and everything was just fine until i tried to send my brother a picture message and it wouldn't send. I figured out that the picture messages only send when i have no APN settings on.

    It won't even send on the rogers APN : internet.com
    Or the APN i was using earlier : blackberry.net

    PLEASE HELP! Any solutions/suggestions regarding the random restarts OR the wifi not connecting would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

    UPDATE: My phone occasionally connects to the wifi on the blackberry.net APN setting if I just let it sit for a while

    But there's this new problem with my phone where the battery drops from like 70-80-90% straight to 5% or 6%. I really don't know what to do. I've gotten myself a new battery, i really don't know what to do with this phone anymore.

    ANY suggestions would help.
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    08-14-13 09:55 PM
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    Rogers should have their own APN settings that you should be using. You should be able to google what they are.
    08-15-13 09:38 PM
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    Rogers should have their own APN settings that you should be using. You should be able to google what they are.
    Thanks so much for your insight. I've noticed that with any APN settings the phone needs to set aside for a while for the settings to actually begin functioning. Perhaps that's what the APN problem was. One question tho, can the APN settings on my phone effect the battery life. This seems to be the bigger issue with my phone. It used to work perfect well when I'd first purchased it and even though I wasn't overtly pleased with the battery life in the first place the 12-14 hours were good enough before I'd have to charge it. Now however, even though I had replaced the battery with a new one 2 days ago the battery dies within a matter for 4-5 hours, sometimes the battery suddenly drops from 70-60% straight to 5-6%, ITS RIDICULOUS! Also this morning as well as yesterday the phone would not turn on and it had the empty battery with the red x sign in the middle of the screen. This happened to fix itself once left for charging, which doesn't make any sense because the battery was fully charged. I really don't know what it is with this phone and I really don't want to give up on it because when it does work, I absolutely love it! I read online that it may be the Battery prongs on the inside and i'm willing to have this phone fixed but i just need to identify the problem. I wouldn't want to have to take to a store and have it fixed and then get ripped off because I'm not aware of what the problem with the device is. PLEASE HELP, any insight will be greatly appreciated.
    08-16-13 01:02 PM

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