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    ok so im a blackberry user and love the full qwerty on my phone. truth be told i desperately want a bigger touch screen blackberry. i love what the torch 2 does giving you the best of both worlds. my question is for people who have left qwerty for full touch... how was the transition? how long did it take you to get use to using full touch? are there any user that just couldnt do it and returned to qwerty? im on tmobile and wont be getting the torch 9810 or 9860. at this point i want to wait for the qnx colt RUMORED to be launching Q1 2012. even that phone is going to be full touch. so guys help me if you can?
    08-26-11 11:28 PM
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    The virtual keyboard on the Torch wasn't at all bad. It was smooth and I could actually type faster with virtual. The fact is that rumored phones are USUALLY correct so its your choice if you want to wait and put chances. Like I said the Torch virtual keyboard isn't half bad!

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    08-27-11 12:24 AM
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    thanks for responding. i just dont know where to go from here. maybe this tmobile at&t merger will work in my favor as i can get one of the new torches.
    08-27-11 02:29 AM
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    I will always stick with QWERTY I like the ability of using shortcuts. - power user

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    08-27-11 03:28 AM
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    Yea perhaps

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    08-27-11 03:45 AM