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    Hi all, so I assume that as we are all here on the CrackBerry forum, we've all come into contact with the famous BlackBerry keyboard and loved it at some point (previous Bold user, not to mention going from the Palm Pre, to Pre Plus to HP Veer) Anyway it got me thinking, what does the future hold for the hardware keyboard on mobile devices? Do people think it's going to stick around, disappear entirely or something else? My brother had a Storm at one point and for all its flaws it was an interesting hybrid of touch screen and 'keyboard'. If the traditional hardware keyboard does eventually go the way of the dodo, what technology do people want to see come about to replace it?
    08-25-13 09:00 AM
  2. just_luc's Avatar
    This has been discussed many times but I believe for the foreseeable future, so long as blackberry is still making phones there will still be a phone with a hardware keyboard to keep the die hards happy.

    More and more though, I think you'll see anyone with an open mind migrate over to the full tuch options. I was a die hard keyboard guy for years.. never thought anything would change that.. but after some hands on time with the Z10 I realized there where things a great virtual keyboard could do that a hardware keyboard just couldn't.. the way it adjusts to your fingers, anticipates what you are going to say, moves keys around depending on what task you are completing.. it's just better.

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    08-25-13 09:05 AM
  3. qbnkelt's Avatar
    BlackBerry owns the physical and the virtual keyboard.

    THAT is undeniable.

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    08-25-13 09:09 AM
  4. 22mchan's Avatar
    Hmm this Is really interesting to me because I bought the q10 solely because of the keyboard aspect.

    It seems that people are slowing make the movement and converting to touch screen phones. I see numerous people on crackberry claiming that the z10 has a really good keyboard and from what I see, it is.

    ON THE OTHER HAND we have people like me who like to press buttons and get a tactile feel. Is this technology from the past? Maybe, but it sure darn feels well. However, sometimes I wish I didn't have the keyboard and had a bigger screen.

    Qwerty phones...I really don't know what to say. With all the multimedia (youtube videos/games) it's hard to argue that a big screen is the way to go. It pains me to say it, but my next phone may very well be a touch screen phone depending on where BlackBerry goes in the future.

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    08-25-13 09:11 AM
  5. rayzian's Avatar
    switched to a Q10 from a Z and I'm finally glad I can type without looking at the phone, very handy when driving/walking/pretending to be listening lol.. i did type faster on the Z tho
    08-25-13 10:29 AM
  6. fanisk's Avatar
    I am not sure for the future of the physical keyboard.
    I was always fun of this but when I first tried the "storm " I never came back, then a torch, then the 9860 now the Z10.
    And this because of the biggest screen!
    However at the Z I can type faster than in my PC!!

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    08-25-13 12:01 PM
  7. Alex_Hong's Avatar
    If you ask me it's all up to BlackBerry at this point in time. I still see a value proposition for physical keyboard devices to be the absolute workhorse type device. But as it is on the Q10, BlackBerry is not doing it any justice at all. No keyboard shortcuts on homescreen, no speed dial on homescreen. If you ask me, it's almost as if BlackBerry themselves don't even care about physical key part devices anymore, and is just focusing on full touch devices.

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    08-25-13 12:06 PM

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