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    I have installed os and i selected Quincy during installation(because I wanted all of the new OS) but I am unsure of what this is so far I have following applications added on home screen

    1. net_rim_quincy_speech_icon (Black Screen Icon)
    2. Quincy (Outline of a Calligraphy Pen)
    3. net_rim_batterlog (Black Screen Icon)

    So far Quincy has automatically sent through my outbox without permission a log of my activity system, including all my device info and the os im using, to sqaquincy@rim.net

    So far opening

    1. net_rim_quincy_speech_icon - prompts me with "Speech buffer empty - could not send speech log"
    2. Quincy - opens a day-by-day log of activity, so far "4:28pm - reset; 2:24pm - reporting in; 2:34pm activation" reported between today and yesterday (when i installed the new OS)
    3. net_rim_batterylog - opens a screen that gives a mass of code that i do not understand but is keyed to be coded as "Time %/V/C Charge OoC SOS"

    What is this and should I be concerned about this? As far as I have researched this cannot be removed by the device nor REALLY disabled, even tho there is an option to disable, it is continuously logging. Havent tried to uninstall with DM yet tho. Wanna hear your thoughts before I do.

    Thank you
    06-23-08 06:22 PM
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    06-23-08 06:26 PM
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    thx man
    06-23-08 06:29 PM
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    Don't we all just love Mista Los
    06-23-08 06:31 PM
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    Yeah I was a bit baffled about this also

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    06-23-08 06:31 PM
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    Don't we all just love Mista Los
    Well hello there! havnt seen you in a lil bit! nice to see ya back in action! and we all Luv ya too!
    06-23-08 06:36 PM
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    thx man
    No Prob man i hope that answers your questions and helps you delete it off your berry if you choose too... personally even tho i dont have anything interesting RIM would want to monitor i still wouldnt want a lil tattle tale on my phone logging and reporting everything back to BIG Brother (RIM)
    06-23-08 06:38 PM